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From what I've read in books and magazines any type of drinking could lead to Fetal alcohol unless you have only a sip. Talk with your doctor maybe they can give you ultrasound and make sure everything is okay.

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Can you be pregnant if you had morning sickness for 3 weeks straight then it stopped?

Yes you could be pregnant still. Do a pregnancy test.

Why does my pregnancy test still say I'm 2 weeks pregnant?

Either you are two weeks pregnant, or the hormones of a normal pregnancy stopped dividing - usually indicating the pregnancy has been miscarried.

How soon after you become pregnant will your periods stop coming?

My period stopped after my 4th month of pregnancy

You are 6 weeks pregnant and your symptoms suddendly stopped why?

You only have symptoms for a few weeks, not for the entire pregnancy.

Can you menstruate after getting a positive pregnancy test?

No you cannot. When you are pregnant your menstrual cycle is stopped until after birth

I Stopped pill 3 weeks ago got nausea did pregnancy test but tested but negativecould i be pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if you normally have a period for 7 days and you only had it for 3 days this time?

Yes, you can be pregnant, your period stops after pregnancy, if you recently had sex and your period stopped early you probably are pregnant.

Why did the network try to replace vanna white when she was pregnant?

They worked around her pregnancy and did not replace her. It was never a network program during her Pregnancy as they stopped or cancelled the daytime network shows before she had any children or became pregnant

Do you always miss your period when you're pregnant?

Yes, when pregnant you do not menstruate. Many women can bleed during pregnancy for a number of reasons, and they may mistake this vaginal bleeding with menstruation, however menstruation is a very specific function which is stopped during pregnancy.

I'm a week late for my period i think i may be pregnant Would i still produce white discharge as usual or would that have stopped?

it would of stopped but i think you should take a pregnancy test

Had a period on the 2nd of April and stopped taking the pill and had bleeding on the 10th April could you be pregnant?

If you're not using anything to prevent pregnancy, you may be pregnant. Take a test to check.

How can alcohol be stopped?

Alcohol results from fermentation, a process that occurs naturally without human intervention. Therefore, alcohol cannot be stopped.

Could you be pregnant if you only had a light 3 day period and have no pregnancy symptoms but have had light cramping for the last week since you stopped bleeding?


Why would doctor do pregnancy test if girl is virgin?

Pregnancy is a reasonable condition to suspect if a girl's periods stopped. It is not difficult to test for and helps take the diagnostic process to the next stage once pregnancy is dismissed. If she is pregnant, then obviously she is not really a virgin.

Can pregnancy be stopped by taking pills after 2months of pregnancy?

No that wont stop the pregnancy and that's not good if you do that.

You were on birth Control for about a Month Then Stopped taking it The took about 3 pills then had unprotected Sex Could you be Pregnant?

Hi Yes there is a chance you could be pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after you last had intercourse.

Could you be pregnant you were diagnosed with premature ovary failure you stopped all medication but you still had a period last year now you feel pregnant?

It seems unlikely, but the only way to tell is to take a pregnancy test.

If You stopped taking your birth control pills about 3 days ago and have a horrible headache are you pregnant?

No, you are not pregnant it is your body getting used to your birth control getting out of your system, but you can find out for sure about pregnancy by taking a test to be sure, but more than likely you are not pregnant.

How likely are you to be pregnant if i was on and off the birth control pill but stopped a month before my boyfriend came in me but i also had my period the next month?

Having a period is a good indication that you are not pregnant, if you still have concerns take a pregnancy test.

Had intercuse monday and left my pill half way through on wednesday is there any chance to get pregnant?

If you stopped taking pills halfway there are chances that your periods have delayed or you are pregnant. I advice you to take a pregnancy test to clear your doubts.

I recently stopped taking birth control and have missed my period I took a pregnancy test and tested negative could I be pregnant?

bend over and ill show ya

What are the chances of natural pregnancy at 49?

it's possible. depends on if you've stopped having your menstrual cycle or not. as long as your having a period, your ovulating. As long as your ovulating, you can get pregnant!

Can a girl get pregnant from pre-ejaculate three days after her period stopped?

It is possible to get pregnant any time of your monthly cycle and all ejaculate (even pre-ejaculate) contains sperm so get a pregnancy test if your worried.

Could you be pregnant if taking estelle 35 ed tablets which arent really to prevent pregnancy but to control acne and still have your period but have every pregnancy symptom except morning sickness?

If you haven't stopped your period, and you aren't getting morning sickness, Then WHAT are these pregnancy symptoms you say you are experiencing?

I was on the pill for months stopped had a normal period then a lot of sex i had signs of pregnancy and my period was 9 days late and light could i be pregnant?

Call your doctor or healthcare provider