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Keep sending payments and the creditor should be happy.

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Q: If you file Chapter 7 and include your car how long do you have before they come and get it and how can you buy some more time?
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I filed chapter 13. How long before I can file Chapter 7?

You can file Chapter 7 once, every seven years

Can you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy after a defaulted chapter 13?

You can file as many as you want however you should wait 8 to 10 years before you can file another chapter for bankruptcy.

Can you file chapter 13 and include payday loans in North Carolina?


How many years before you file chapter 7 after you filed chapter 13?

4 years between filings.

What can you file Chapter 13 on?

What is Legal to file Chapter 13 on ?

How many year before you can file bankruptcy again?

Chapter 7 every 7 years, Chapter 13, as needed.

Can you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy before your divorce is finalized ca?


What if you get a job before you file for bankruptcy but need to take it to pay your reaffirmed debt Can you still file for Chapter 7?


How many years before you can file chapter 7 a second time if you filed before deadline of October 2005?

8 years between chapter 7 BKs.

How after filing chapter 13 to file for chapter 7?

You may file for Chapter 7 at any time after filing Chapter 13.

Does income count AFTER you file chapter 7?

The income you make after filing for chapter 7 does not count. What counts is all you had before filing.

How long do you have to wait to file bankruptcy again in Georgia?

If it is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you have to wait 8 years before you can file it again.

Can your husband file bankruptcy if you filed chapter 7 two years before you were married?

Yes. Married people can file individually. The marriage actually has nothing to do with it though. If you filed, no matter what, you can't file chapter 7 again for 8 years, provided you received a discharge. He can file anytime he wants. If you have any joint debt, you may want to consider Chapter 13. Take a look at it. You can file a chapter 13, just not a chapter 7.

When can you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy again if you filed a chapter 7 in 2004?

You must wait 8 years after the filing of the petition before filing another chapter 7.

Can you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy more then once?

Yes, but if you have previously filed a chapter 7, you must wait 4 years before allowed a chapter 13 discharge.

Will they come after your most recent credit card purchases when your file for chapter 7?

No, they cannot come after the purchases. They can object to the discharge if you ran up your credit card balance before filing, and the purchases or cash advances were not for necessities.

Can you file again if you filed in may 2005 on chapter 7?

You can file a chapter 13 bk, but NOT another chapter 7.

In Kentucky How long after bankruptcy can you file chapter 7 and can you file chapter 13 after chapter 7?

You can file bankruptcy again 7 years after the last time you filed.

Can a creditor report you as late to the credit bureaus after you file Chapter 7 but before the debt is discharged?


Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy before a chapter 13 has been dismissed?

No. You can only have one bankruptcy proceeding at a time. You can convert the 13 to a 7.

If you filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2003 can you file chapter 7 in 2010?

chapter 7 you can file every 8 years. chapter 7 lasts 10 years starting with the new laws in 2005. since you filed before 2005 your chapter 7 stays on your credit report 7 years as opposed to 10 years.

Can you file a lien on company before chapter 11 can i file lien before copany file bankruptcy?

Yes, but it will likely be covered in the bankruptcy anyway. It may just be good money after bad. An attorney is the best place to get information.

How long do you have to be unemployed to file chapter 7?

You do not have to be unemployed to file for chapter 7 or any bankruptcy.

Will you lose your house if you file for bankrupcy?

It depends if it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. If a Chapter 7 and you liquidate all your assets, then yes you will lose your home. If a Chapter 13, you can catch up the payments if you can afford it and include the past due payments in the Chapter 13. Good luck.

How long do you have to wait to file bankruptcy again in Illinois?

You have to wait 8 years before you can file Chapter 7 again. (Before the new bankruptcy law passed in 2005, you could file every six years.) For Chapter 13 reorganization, you can file more often than that, but you can't have more than one case open at the same time.

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