If you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and disclose a pending lawsuit on your chapter 7. If the debt has been discharged can the trustee come back after the money 2 years later?

We are assuming you mean that YOU had a pending lawsuit against someone? if so, then the answer is likely yes. Disclosing it the suit is correct. If it is a viable suit then the bankruptcy trustee steps in your shoes and sues on your behalf and any money recovered goes to the benefit of your estate (your creditors) What likely happened is that the trustee identified the suit as an asset. If so, an asset bankruptcy case will not close (even though you got your discharge) until that asset has been administered. Standard disclaimer here. If you had an attorney, call her. This is a tricky area and you need to be aware of your rights and the rules. If the trustee did not think it was a valuable asset and abandoned that asset, then you may be able to keep the money. This is a big if. Contact your attorney. And follow and requests that the trustee has provided you.