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it is 120

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Q: If you file bankruptcy 2 times within 15 years can you still get a mortgage?
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How many times can you modify your mortgage?

As long as both parties are in agreement, there is no limit to the number of times a mortgage can be renegotiated.

How many times has Dave Ramsey filed bankruptcy?

In his books he states the he has filed bankruptcy twice.

When you declare bankruptcy in Michigan is your mortgage forgiven?

No. Filing bankruptcy can buy you extra time in your house though. Hopefully the law will change to allow judges to modify your loan terms in the future. If you are behind in your mortgage with no way to get out or get ahead then my advice is stop paying it and file bankruptcy. Then save your money as much as possible because you will need to find a nice rental. Bankruptcy protects you from creditors (mortgage company) from coming after you (wage garnishment,etc.). You need to talk to an actual bankruptcy lawyer. If you already can't afford your bills, DO NOT go destitute trying to pay the crooks back. YOU and your family come first! If you feel "duty-bound" to pay your bills when you don't have the money to pay them you may end up basically broke and homeless in the end. Save your money in a hole in the ground, not the bank. Good luck. It's not the end of the world. I am in tough times also (unemployed).

When do you need to search out a bankruptcy lawyer?

While you're filing for bankruptcy you may want a bankruptcy lawyer, because it can be very confusing at times and they will be extremely helpful.

How many times has Lowe's Company ever filed bankruptcy?

11 times

How many times can a mortgage be refinanced?

How many times would you like to? It is your call.

How long does it take to get approved for a home mortgage?

The length of time to get approval for home mortgages depends on the company that you are seeking approval. Many times now, you can get pre-approval within the hour.

Did Donald Trump file for bankruptcy?

Yes, several times.

Who wrote the NY Times article titled Life After Bankruptcy?

"Life After Bankruptcy" was an article in the New York Times that was written by author Vickie Elmer. It was written by her on September 13 in the year 2012.

What is a fixed mortgage and how can you obtain one?

A fixed mortgage rate is where the payments are the same for the entire term of the mortgage, as apposed to adjustable rates which can fluxuate at certain times. Most reputable Mortgage and Loan companies offer fixed rate mortgages.

What is the purpose of mortgage alliance?

A mortgage alliance is an alliance which will help you to pay your mortgage, in most cases by having a money buffer. They will help you in times you cannot pay it to make it possible to delay the payment.

Do accountants need mortgage software?

Sometimes accountants will need mortgage software. They will need this if they have been hired by someone who wants to keep track of their mortgage. Most of the times an accountant will not need it though.

How many times can a person refinance their mortgage?

There is no limits in the general rules as to how many times it is possible to refinace a mortgage. There are some guidelines on qualifications that everybody should check out before making that investment.

How many times or when can you file bankruptcy?

Usually, every 7 years.

How many times has Donald Trump filed for personal bankruptcy?


If the mortgage on your home was not reaffirmed after bankruptcy can the mortgage holder report on your credit report?

I can only speak from my own experience. It does indeed appear on our credit report and also states that the mortgage company is filing a claim against us--even though we did not reaffirm the loan. Completely wrong and I've disputed it many times with ALL the credit bureaus but they will not remove it. I'm not sure if there's a government organization that can help force the mortgage company to report correctly to credit bureaus or one that can force the credit bureaus to actually DO an investigation when you dipute it. No win situation, I'm afraid

Can a mortgage company sell your loan?

A mortgage company can sell your home for the right price. Often times mortgage companies will offer you an alternative to selling your loan so that you get the best deal available to you. See the related links for mortgage companies in Texas.

Where does most of the money go in a mortgage?

In the typical 30 year mortgage, the first 20 years are mostly paying interest on the loan. You can expect to pay about 2.5 times of the original mortgage price for the life of the loan.

Can you refinance while in a bankruptcy?

Refinancing While in BankruptcyMany people who have filed bankruptcy know little about the process. Often times debtors are unaware of their options in a chapter 13 because they rely on their attorney; their attorney has a fiduciary relationship with the debtor. A bankruptcy attorney's job is to know bankruptcy law, not the mortgage business or their guidelines. When a debtor files a BK 13 their main concern is having an automatic stay placed on a mortgage, collection, etc. To save their home from foreclosure. When entering into a plan the debtor, usually has no exit plan other than paying the 5 or 3 year plan (contingent upon median income). The debtor can refinance after 36 months (all unsecured claims become dischargeable debt) and discharge the bankruptcy immediately. This saves the borrower 2 years on their credit report. After refinancing, the BK 6 months out/discharged fannie Mae will issue approvals. A bankrupt borrower can easily be transformed to an AA+ 680-720 FICO borrower yielding rates in the range of 6.25-7.00 after doing a loan to discharge the bankruptcy. In a dismissed bankruptcy a foreclosure bailout out loan can be arranged. This topic was discussed in a previous article I published in When a debtor is dismissed from his/her bankruptcy the mortgage ALONE can be refinanced and a Chapter 7 can be employed. When filing a Chapter 7 the mortgage must be refinanced first. I arrange foreclosure bailouts for people more frequently than previous years. When trustee or mortgage payments are missed the bank will make a motion to lift the automatic stay. This leaves the borrower exposed to foreclosure until the mortgage is refinanced. If the borrower meets the means test the non mortgage/secured debts can be discharged under a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The "means test" is when the court determines a debtors filing to be abuse of the system. Abuse is presumed if the aggregate current monthly income over 5 years, net of certain statutorily allowed expenses is more than $10K or is 25% of the debtors unsecured debts, as long as the amount is $6,000. The debtor can rebut this guideline with mitigating circumstances. A dismissal from a bankruptcy has been viewed by the court as mitigating circumstances.When the payments to your trustee are not perfect you can still get out of your bankruptcy. If the debtor has filed multiple Bankruptcies it is important for debtor to know what claims are listed in schedule D & F (secured and unsecured claims) Often times when multiple liens are present the attorney will file an avoidance on a lien. This means the borrower is not required to pay the lien back. However, all too often title searches find liens that were never discussed or filed. Liens that maybe very old.An unscheduled debt most of the time will not be discharged with a BK payoff because the claim was omitted or an avoidance was never filed. This is a common omission/oversight that can (depending on the amount of the claim) present a problem for a borrower who may not have enough equity to cover the lien.This is where having a through attorney pays off, you most likely wont have to deal with this predicament. Often times I can negotiate these debts down if they are addressed ahead of time.

How many times can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and can you claim taxes?

No limit

How many times did Trump declare bankruptcy?

Trump filed for business bankruptcy in 1991, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and in 2009 Trump Entertainment Resorts had to file for bankruptcy.

Where can a person do mortgage calculations online?

A person may perform mortgage calculations online at TD. They provide a free, easy to use interface just for such purposes. One may enter and recalculate the mortgage as many times as they wish.

What is a 2nd mortgage needed for?

A second mortgage is often needed at times when a family is running low on money. A second mortgage means a loan is taken on the home owner's house. This usually means that they will get a big loan and their home will be collateral.

Do you have regrets about having a buy to let mortgage over a traditional fixed rate mortgage?

If I had a buy to let mortgage over a traditional mortgage I think I would regret it. Renting to tenants is always a risky business. It can be hard to evict tenants if necessary and rent levels in these economic times are low.

How soon after bankruptcy can youy buy a house?

answer to your question is about five years This and many similar questions have been asked and fully discused several times before. Please refer to them. Nothing prevents you from buying a house. Getting a loan may be a different story. That is a choice each lender makes, and certainly how much your down payment is, the quality and security of your job, amount of income for the debt, etc., all come in to they do for anyone. Your ability/credability based on your past, not your desire or need. In todays (2007) mortgage market...getting a mortgage is getting much more difficult for anyone. Someone with a history of bankruptcy, even more so. The general rule of thumb is that it will be at least 7 years until lenders will not consider the bankruptcy.