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If you file bankruptcy and include the car can the creditor still garnish your wages or collect the outstanding balance owed?


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2015-07-16 19:26:55
2015-07-16 19:26:55

This is a good question to ask your B/K attorney for state specific and case specific advice.

Not at all,once fou file for bankruptcy all of your debts will go away and any garnishments (except back taxes)will stop, back taxes you owe are not accepted on a bankruptcy case,the rest is ok.


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Files a "proof of claim" with the court.

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If you are referring to a credit report the answer is NO. If the query is in reference to a creditor attempting to collect a debt that was included in the bankruptcy, the answer is also NO!2If the creditor is listed in the bankruptcy, No. If they continue to pursue it you can contact your attorney request a copy of the matrix filed in your bankruptcy, and either advise them of the page number the creditor is listed on and that it was discharged. Or, you can file a complaint with the federal court in your area and have it investigated.

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No. Bankruptcy discharge does not mean the money isn't owed. It means that creditors cannot attempt to collect it. The money will always be owed. Accounts included in bankruptcy will stay on the cr marked included in bankruptcy, for the full seven years.

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Bankruptcy protection remains in place and the creditor who was denied the stay will remain a part of the bankruptcy and cannot attempt to collect the debt owed.

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If that particular creditor was included in your chapter 13 plan and you completed your plan and received a discharge, that creditor may not thereafter collect. However, certain debts will not be discharged and those creditors may still collect (IRS, tax debts, fraud judgemnts, spousal/child support, etc.).

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