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Yes you can.

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What are some tips of how to cash a check?

If one needs to cash a check the very best option would be if one has a bank account one would go to the bank to cash the check. There are also places such as Money Mart that will cash a check but there would be fees associated with doing so.

Can I cash a US personal check in Canada?

for sure you can,but you are charged service fees or bank fees

What should I know about same day cash advance services?

Many places will charge large rates to use their service. Also if its check cashing you need ive seen fees of 10-15%. For cash loans, most places require credit checks as well.

How much does it cost to cash a check?

It depends greatly on where you get the check cashed. Banks and check cashers all have different fees they charge.

What does it cost in legal fees when filling chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The cost of filing fees in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will vary with each state. On average, the filing fees are about $300.

How much fees do check cashing services normally charge to cash a check?

Check cashing services normally charge more than most banks. Their fees normally range anywhere from 3-5% per check depending on which company one chooses.

Can you include probation fees in bankruptcy?

No. Obligations to the government cannot be discharged through bankruptcy action.

Can you file bankruptcy for lawyer fees?

You cannot file a bankruptcy directed at one single debt.

Can you file a claim in a bankruptcy for repossession fees?


WHich check cashing services in Memphis charge the lowest fees?

Let me suggest you cash your check at the bank the check is written on , or in your own banking account. Most check cashing fees at stores take 1- 4 % of your pay which no good. Cashing your check at your bank, or at the bank your check is written on, should cost you nothing.

In what accouting period are audit fees recorded?

Cash Basis - When the check is written to pay for them. Accrual Basis - When the services are rendered.

What is the process for getting a loan at Check Into Cash?

Check Into Cash, a well-known payday loan provider, has business operations that are similar to other payday lenders. The process is summarized as follows: (physical store) * Provide identity, employment and checking information to store associate * With the basic information, the company will try to approve the loan * (if not approved) Provide copies of paystubs to store associate * Once approved, you will find out how much the organization will lend you * Write a postdated check to Check Into Cash for the amount being lent (dated for your next payday) * Check Into Cash will give you the amount less the "origination" fees associated (generally $7 to $25 per $100 lent) * In between now and payday, you may go back to Check Into Cash and extend the loan by paying "extention" fees (same as the origination fees) * When you finally reach payday, after all extentions, Check Into Cash will cash your check (Internet/online/kiosk) * Enter identity, employment and checking information into web form * With the basic information, the company will try to approve the loan * (if not approved) fax pay stubs to the company * If approved, you will be asked to authorize your checking account for electronic payments (in and out) of the account * Check Into Cash will depost the money into your account (less origination fees) the next business day * In between now and payday, you may go back to the website and extend your loan, whereby the extention fees will be debited from your account * When you finally reach payday, after all extentions, Check Into Cash will debit your account for the original loan amount

Can home owners association fees be included in a bankruptcy?

Your bankruptcy attorney can help you decide what to include in your filing petition.

What is the journal entry of fees received?

Fees A/c Dr. To Cash A/c Cr.

Can you claim lawyer fees in bankruptcy?

As a general rule of thumb yes you can. Lawyer fees are also tax deductible.

Does Walmart charge any fees for check cashing?

Walmart charges a small fee for cashing checks. This is because they are taking on a risk of the check bouncing and them being screwed over with the cash they handed out for the check.

Can you file bankruptcy after a home is foreclosed to avoid additional fees?


How much money is required to start a check cashing business?

If the business is a franchise, you'll have franchising fees. You will also have state fees for establishing the business. A comprehensive and detailed cash flow statement will tell you the answer.

How much does amscot charge for government check cash?

Amscot's fees are very reasonable. Usually $1 per hundred on Government checks.

Are outstanding attorney fees dischargeable?

AnswerAttorneys fees do not receive any special treatment and are dischargeable in bankruptcy. They may receive special treatment where they were awarded as part of a divorce or separation agreement. If the attorneys fees are found to be in the nature of a support obligation then they will not be discharged as part of the bankruptcy.

Can you file bankruptcy on booking fees related to your arrest and incarceration?

It would be very doubtful that you would be permitted file bankruptcy on booking fees related to your arrest and incarceration, since no one can benefit from their crimes. The fees are part of the arrest and lodging costs while you are jailed.

What are the normal fees for filing for bankruptcy with an attorney?

Bankruptcy filing fees can vary from one attorney to another. Chapter 7 filing fees average $300 and Chapter 13 averages around $280. Generally more experienced lawyers may have higher rates.

What are the standard attorney fees for a cash settlement?

The standard attorney fees for a cash settlement is about 2000 to 5000 dollars. You can read more at or

What will happen if you do not proceed with your application for bankruptcy but paid the bankruptcy fee?

Fees paid to the court cannot be refunded under federal law.

Can you write a check to yourself and cash it at a different bank?

Yes, but you better have money in the account. They can get you on cashing a bad check and charge you fees for both banks and maybe fraud since it was to yourself.