If you get a swine flu shot will the swine flu disappear in a week?

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The swine flu shot is used to prevent the flu, not to treat the flu if you already have it. To treat the flu, antiviral medications are more likely to be prescribed, such as Tamiflu.
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Who can get the Swine Flu?

The people who can get it are elderly people, kids baby's and well almost everyone.

What to do if you get the Swine Flu?

4 Easy steps 1. Do not panic.. 2. Stay inside. Keep your family inside. 3. Book a doctor's home visit appointment. 4. Avoid contact with the community.

How can you not get swine flu?

A good way to keep clean from the swine flu is wash your hands. Make sure you wash hands before and after you eat. In case there are any germs on your hands and when you eat they can get into your mouth. Another really important thing is after you use the restroom. Make sure you wash your hands for ( Full Answer )

What can the swine flu do to you?

sometimes it can make you die and sometimes. It wont all you need to do is go to the doctors and have a swine flu shot dont worry its only a pinch. But remember wear a mask.

How are swine treated for Swine Flu?

They do have some vaccinations to prevent the H1N1 subtype that pigs get (a different strain of virus than the one that causes the pandemic H1N1/09 flu), and sometimes the larger pork producers will have vaccines developed for new strains as they appear in that particular pig farm, so they can vacci ( Full Answer )

Do swine get the Swine Flu?

Yes. That is why it is called that. But the strain they get most often is different than most of the kinds that people get. This type of Influenza, Type A and subtype H1N1, started as a porcine disease. It mutated to incorporate human viruses which made it possible for people to get it. The particul ( Full Answer )

Someone in your family has swine flu and was with you for a week could you get the flu?

Yes, it is a highly contagious infectious disease so it is possible. See the related questions below for information about the symptoms to watch for to see if you have the flu. After a certain length of time you can probably relax if you have not yet shown any symptoms. Here is information from the ( Full Answer )

Is the Swine Flu out to get you?

Viruses don't "think", so they do not have motives like this. They are simply out to reproduce. They are not alive, they are particles that behave in a certain way mechanically and chemically. The way they reproduce is to get inside a host plant or animal and trick the host's cells to make more vi ( Full Answer )

Had swine flu last week can you travel?

The guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are that if you have flu like symptoms you should not go in public or travel until 7 days after the very first symptoms or 24 hours following the last date of symptoms whichever is longer.

Why have you had Swine Flu for over 4 weeks?

ok im sorry but i have read if you dont get medical care within 48 hours you will have swine flu for a few weeks hoping you are better and eventualy you will die

If you get a vaccination shot will you die from the flu or swine flu?

For goodness sake, no. This is the last kind of thing that should be going around as a rumor, especially at the time when people who are at greatest risk should be getting a vaccination shot. The vaccines for flu shots is made from "dead" or weakened virus particles that can not make you sick with ( Full Answer )

When did the Swine Flu shots begin?

The vaccine for the 2009 pandemic swine flu was released just around the beginning of the flu season in 2009-2010.

Have you had Swine Flu?

Yes, but only the medium dose of it. I was in bed for a week and a bit.

What to do when you have swine flu?

From what I've been able to gather reading various reports and blogs (most recently Dr. Sanjay Gupta's own run in with the virus) there's nothing much TO do. Swine flu is much like the regular flu in it symptoms and its remedies. Dr. Gupta for instance was only given Tylenol and fluids. That's it. B ( Full Answer )

Is the swine flu shot going to be mandatory?

It is not currently mandatory in the US, although it is highly recommended that all who can, should get the vaccine, especially if they are among the groups at high risk for complications from this A-H1N1/09 influenza (see below for list of these groups). There are some countries that have made the ( Full Answer )

Should you get the flu shot first or the Swine Flu shot?

In the US in the 2010-2011 flu season: The seasonal flu shot will include the vaccine for H1N1/09, so you won't need a separate shot for the swine flu this year, and you will get all the protection in one vaccination. In the 2009-2010 flu season: It doesn't matter which shot you get first, as ( Full Answer )

Which hurts more a flu shot or a swine flu shot?

There is no difference in how the shot feels for either type of vaccine. They are the exact same thing except for the difference in the strain of the flu that is included in the vaccine. If you are between the ages of 2 and 49, and healthy and not pregnant, you may be a candidate for the nasal mi ( Full Answer )

Is the Swine Flu shot really a shot?

They don't shoot you, and it isn't a 'shot' of a drink, it's a needle in the arm. In the 2009-2010 flu season there was a mist as well as a shot for the vaccination for swine flu. In the 2010-2011 flu season the vaccine for swine flu protection is included in the one vaccination for the seasona ( Full Answer )

Where do they give the Swine Flu shot?

The injection is usually given intramuscularly (in the muscle) of the upper arm in adults and in the thigh in small children and infants over 6 months (no vaccinations can be given to infants less than 6 months old since their immune systems are not yet mature enough until then). If you mean wher ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a Swine Flu shot?

In the US in the 2012-2013 flu season, the H1N1/09 swine flu vaccine is included once again in the "regular" trivalent and quadravalent vaccines that have been prepared for the seasonal flu. No separate vaccination is needed.

Is the Swine Flu shot active?

If the question is whether the virus in the vaccine is inactivated "dead" or is attenuated "weakened", then the H1N1/09 pandemic swine flu vaccine comes in both types. The vaccine for the injection contains only inactivated virus particles. The vaccine for nasal spray contains viruses that have been ( Full Answer )

Can you have both a seasonal flu shot and a Swine Flu shot?

Yes you could, there would be no medical reason not to, as in the 2009 - 2010 flu season when both were administered, often at the same time. However, in the 2012 - 2013 flu season in the US, the swine flu vaccine is included in the seasonal flu vaccinations that are trivalent and one is quadrava ( Full Answer )

Is the Swine Flu shot worth getting?

yeah. The question is not getting the swine flu shot worth your life? The swine flu is like a regular cold if u get it it will clear up eventually. If u get the shot which has lead & other harmful stuff it will harm u later in life. Think about it they came up with the vaccine 2 soon

Where can you get the Swine Flu shot in AZ?

In the 2011-2012 Flu Season in the US, the swine flu A-H1N1/09 pandemic swine flu vaccine is included as one of the three types of flu viruses in the seasonal flu shot. So you don't have to get a separate vaccination this year for the swine flu as was needed in the 2009-2010 flu season. Check you ( Full Answer )

If you dont get the Swine Flu shot will you die?

You could, especially if you are among the high risk groups. See the related questions below for more information on the high risk groups such as those with pregnancy, asthma, etc. The death rate from the pandemic swine flu is lower than that of the seasonal flu, but younger and healthier people a ( Full Answer )

Why are Swine Flu shots bad for you?

because if you do get the swine flu vactionation it will higher the chances of dying because you did get the vactionation than if you didnt get it because all it really does to you is is make you throw up and half of the people that did die from the swine flu most likely already had a different sick ( Full Answer )

Can you get hepatitis C from swine flu shot?

One said "I DID in 1976 at fort Lenard wood Mo" A differing view is that The flu shot doesnt give you Hepatitus C but it does agrivate those who already have itt and makes it worse, which some might mistake for causing the disease...

Can Swine Flu last 2 weeks?

Swine flu can last up to three months if a serious case. my friend was out of school for eight weeks. when she came back she was so far behind she now has to go to an after school class to catch up

How much does the swine flu shot cost?

In the US, the vaccine and supplies for the vaccination administration are provided free of cost by the government to anyone who wishes to have the vaccination, however, any private providers who administer the vaccinations may charge for their administration services. If you get it from one of the ( Full Answer )

Can you get the Swine Flu shot if you have TB?

It is usually not recommended to get a flu vaccination if you have an active infection. If your TB is active, then you should consult a physician to make the decision of the risks of each in your case.

How much money is the Swine Flu shot?

In the US, in the 2012 - 2013 flu season, some pharmacies are offering the annual seasonal vaccinations (which contain the swine flu vaccine again this year along with two other different types of flu vaccines), many at $25, such as Walmart and Kroger. The cost does vary, usually due to some places ( Full Answer )

Do you have to get the Swine Flu shot?

You don't have to get the swine flu shot in the US, unless you are a health care worker in some states that require it by law (such as NY). Other countries are requiring the vaccinations. It is highly recommended that anyone who can should get the A-H1N1/09, especially if you are in one of the gro ( Full Answer )

Can you get Swine Flu shot if you have flu like symptoms?

You should not get the flu shot if you have any illness that is causing a fever at the time of the shot. A fever indicates that your body is already working to get rid of some infectious-causing organism (or at least something that seems like one to your immune system). If your body is busy with ( Full Answer )

How long after the flu shot can you get the Swine Flu shot?

In the US for the 2010-2011 flu season, the vaccination will contain vaccines for the H1N1/09 Swine flu along with the other two flu viruses expected to be circulating. So only one flu shot will be necessary this time.

What should you do if you get a rash from the swine flu shot?

You should contact your doctor and tell them about your symptoms and exactly when you got the flu shot. You may have an allergy and they will need to let you know if you need anything to treat the rash other than over the counter medicines. Your doctor's office can give you advice on what medicine ( Full Answer )

Does the swine flu shot make you sick?

Most flu vaccinations do not make many people sick. There are very few significant adverse reactions reported to the vaccine safety monitoring agencies and very rare deaths (usually from severe allergic reactions to the egg protein in the vaccines). Most vaccines give only mild soreness, redness and ( Full Answer )

What do you have when you have the swine flu?

Swine flu is a strain of one of the Type A influenza viruses in the subtype of H1N1. When you have it, you have a viral infection in your lungs and respiratory system which is known as the flu (influenza). You can get symptoms with it that are as mild as a common cold or you can get very severe comp ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't the Swine Flu shot work?

It does work. It just can have a bad reaction within a person though, although that happening with any pure vaccine is extremely unlikely. You might have mistaken the swine flu for the normal flu, and think it doesn't work. The symptoms are exactly the same (its really the same virus, except it spre ( Full Answer )

How do you no i have Swine Flu?

Because if you do then you'll have a cough, running nose, headache, sour throat, high temperature (when its freezing cold)

Where do you get your Swine Flu vaccination shot?

You can get it this flu season (2010-2011) any place you can get the seasonal "regular" flu shot (if you are in the US), since it is included with the standard flu vaccine this year, no separate vaccination is required like in 2009. There is no shortage of the vaccine. Places in the US that provi ( Full Answer )

Do you need a Swine Flu shot if you have had Swine Flu?

Every exposure to a flu virus will provide lifetime immunity against that exact type of flu in an otherwise healthy person, and so does exposure to the virus in the swine flu shot. However, a virus can mutate (change), even over a matter of weeks. It is possible, then, to get that new form of the ( Full Answer )

If you get the swine flu shot can you carry the swine flu?

If you are asking if the flu shot will give you the flu so you then can give it to others, then the answer is no. Flu shots are made from viruses that have been changed to be ineffective at causing flu infections, you will not get the flu from the flu shot. If you are asking if you can be a carri ( Full Answer )

Are Swine Flu shots really necessary?

The swine flu vaccine will be included in the seasonal flu shot in the US flu season of 2010-2011, so a separate shot won't be necessary this year. They are highly recommended by medical professionals. They are proven safe and effective over decades of use with very very low adverse incidents. Mo ( Full Answer )

Who get the swine flu?

Most people who are not vaccinated against the swine flu or who have not had the swine flu will get it if exposed to it. Those who have had the vaccines will be immune.

Does the flu shot have swine ingredients?

No. The only animal product in the vaccine is egg or chicken protein remnants from the culturing process of the flu virus, and that is in microscopic amounts. See the related question for more information on the ingredients of the swine flu shot.

Can a Mexican take the swine flu shot?

Yes, just as anyone of any country of origin or citizenship can. Ancestry, culture, and ethnicity are not involved in the determination of who can and can't take the vaccination.

How does the Swine Flu disappear?

It has not disappeared yet, although the pandemic has been declared over. There are still isolated outbreaks around in the world, and it is expected to be one of the main viruses for our present flu season (2011-2012) in the US and Northern Hemisphere. The vaccine is included in the 2011-2012 season ( Full Answer )