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The tattoo is on your skin. If your skin stretches, so will the tattoo.

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Q: If you get a tattoo on your back and as you grow older and bigger would it stretch?
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How would pregnancy affect a tattoo on the side of your stomach?

your skin will stretch and so will the tattoo, in some cases once the baby is delivered and you loose wait, the tattoo will look normal again

How would pregnancy affect a tattoo near the belly button on the stomach?

its all conected, If you get stretch marks (most women do to some extent) your tattoo will stretch out and warp in those areas and it is not something that can be fixed. My tattoo artist strongly discourages belly tattoos for women who want to have children.

Would you be able to get a tattoo of two drumsticks on your back?

yeah,i dont know why you would want to....but you have to be eighteen or older

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How much would it cost to go to a tattoo artist?

It depends how big the tattoo you are wanting to get is. Small tattoos probably range from $75-$100, and bigger tattoos from $300+. Any tattoo artist can give you an estimate for free if you bring in a picture of what you want.

Do the materials used to make a shirt affect the sizes?

"Sometimes. If you are using a really stretch piece of material, it would be able fit a person of a bigger size than if it was material that didn't stretch."

What happens when you flex with a tattoo?

If it's a new & unhealed tattoo, you run the risk of damaging the work before the ink settles and heals into your skin permanently. However, if it's an old or fully healed tattoo, then all it would do is stretch & conform to the contours of your muscle & skin.

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What happens if you have hypothyroid n you get a tattoo?

Hypothyroidism would have no effect on your tattoo, and conversely, your tattoo would have no effect on your thyroid gland.

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the membrane stretches and adds more material and subsance so it is able to stretch

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What tattoo parlors in Florida will tattoo a 15 year old?

None should. Legally you must be at least 18 or have parental permission. And usually the parent has to be present when it occurs. If you want a tattoo I can't say anything to change your mind but as a tattoo artist, I would never put ink on someone your age. You will still grow and the skin will stretch and you will eventually hate what it turns out to look like. I can't tell you how many people come in a day to my shop that want a cover up tattoo. No tattoo artist will tattoo a person under the age of 18........ but it never hurts to ask around.

Why would someone get an eye tattoo?

Some people would get a eye tattoo if they have a blemish or have had damage done to their eye. The reason they would get one is that the eye tattoo would hide the imperfection from sight.

What tattoo should accompany a heart tattoo?

The most common tattoo to accompany a heart is probably the rose. Music notes would also compliment the tattoo. A banner would also be classic.

What does it mean if your veins are a blackish color?

Well first off if the Tattoo was not at a shop I would go to the doctor and have them look at that. If the tattoo was done at a parlor I would call your tattoo artist and ask him if any of the tattoo work would of had any part of the color.

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That would depend on the species (some that live on the Galapagos Islands are giants) and age (they get bigger as they grow older).

Can you get into the lake with a brand new tattoo?

No you can't as this tattoo shall wash away and you would have paid to have a tattoo done for no reason as it would of dissappeared! But it's a good question.

What tattoo would symbolize love for your child?

A tattoo of a cross with the kids name on it, or the tattoo of toy the kid likes to play with.

What would happen if you got a tattoo at 12 years old?

It would look horrible in a few years. It would be all stretched and messy. And no legitimate tattoo parlor would give a 12 year old a tattoo!

Are pen ink tattoos perment?

I am a Permanent makeup Artist and yes a pen Tattoo is Permanent, Obviously If doing a tattoo on the body it would be better to use a coil machine as it is a lot faster and goes in the skin a lot deeper, also tattoo colours are a lot brighter than permanent makeup pigments but small tattoo's can be done with a pen machine but I would leave the bigger, shaded tattoo's to the artists that specialise in body art. I would easily do a small arb tattoo on someones body but I would never venture into turf that does not belong to me and that I have no experience doing with a pen machine. Pen machines were designed for eyeliner, eyebrows, lips and scar camo etc but not to do tattoo's. with that said although the tat will be permanent you will probably need a touch up in a few years otherwise your tattoo is gonna look like crap 5 years down the line.

In order to gauge your ear do you have to pierce it first?

yes you would have to pierce it first with no bigger than a 10 gauge. let it heal and then start to slowly stretch the opening with a gauge.

How much would it cost to get a lip tattoo?

The price of the tattoo depends on the size. The price of a tattoo also depends on the design used.

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What happens to aTattoo if you work out a lot after you get it what?

Not a whole lot to be honest. Sun damage should be a bigger concern, and that only for the week or two right after the tattoo is done... You would have to gain something like 5-6 inches (depending on the body part...enough for stretch marks ) for it to have any effect. You shouldn't have much to worry about unless you get pregnant in that regard either.

Do you need insurance to tattoo?

Yes you would need tattoo artist professional liability.