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Depends on specific states laws as they apply to child support and the welfare of the child. If the mother married a sex offender, should the father know?

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Yes. And it's also incredibly stupid: marriage is a matter of public record, so it's easy to tell you're lying, AND you can sue for child support whether you were married or not.

As the judge has given you a fixed amount to pay as a child support, then the decree will tell , when it should be paid usually it is in the first ten days of the month.

The State child support agency should be able to tell you this. Be patient but persistent.

Why are you the presumed father? Are you saying that your ex-wife adopted a child and now wants you to pay child support for that child whom you personally did not adopt? If so no, you do not owe child support for a child that is not yours. She adopted before we got married and I never attempted to adopt him after we got married a year later. After six years we are now getting divorced and wants me to pay child support. You ex-wife believes that when you married her, you became the father of her adopted child - and presumably, you did function as the child's step-father while you were married. But as far as I can tell (and I am not actually a laywer) you do not owe child support for this child, since he is not actually your child. The whole concept of child support is that men who choose to have children, or even men who accidentally father children, are financially responsible for them. But you have no responsibility here; your ex-wife already had this child before you married her. You did not in any way cause her to have the child or to be burdened with the cost of raising him. That was her choice and she did it without your help. So it seems like a clear situation to me.

No, but you have to tell the venue that issued the support order.

While it matters to you, it doesn't really matter to the courts as you are the father and should not be selfish enough to expect not to pay child support. However, for your own peace of mind you can see a lawyer and request that all receipts are given to him or you to be sure that child support is being spent on the child and not by the mother.

If you are going to court about child support, you both will get a chance to tell your side of the story. You will need proof that you have not received child support.

you can start by calling your local child support agency in your state and they can tell you if you do or dontAnswerYou can check by reviewing your file at the court that issued the child support order.

Hug your child and tell them you love them. Tell them that you support their lifestyle and offer your support. That's about it.

You must tell the judge and make things clear that it is beyond your means to support two different child support.

Tell him how much you are suffering and what effect it has on you. Use the court and child support enforcement laws to their full extent.

Typically child support is only paid if the child is under the age of 18. Until that age they are not considered an adult and are supposed to live where the parents tell them to. There are laws that provide for child support for those in college.

tell him you should adopt a child in need like an orphan

yes if the court orders you to pay child support the court also tells you whether or not you have visitation rights as well so if your advised to pay child support by law and the tell you that you have no visitation then your obligated to pay child support

Your local attorney generals office should be able to tell you. Specifically to which state you owe the child support to.

Phone the child support agency using the telephone number on your letters and tell them you have reconciled and they will close the case for you.

i wouldn't try because if you didnt have permission to move out your parent can press charges against you for runaway but i do belive you can get your child support and if you call child support and tell them you moved out the parent that was receiveing the support will lose it.

go to the courthouse and tell them that you want him to stop paying child support, my dad doesnt pay for my brother...

If it isn't your check, then you can't tell if the child support was diverted to your account held by the agency that monitors such things.

The college expense is a gift unless addressed by the courts in the child support order. If she wants to stop paying the child support, she has to petition the court to get it approved. see link below

In Most states child support is separate from custody. Even if the non custodial parent is not paying child support he / she can request to visitation. because the parent is in arears does not hinder him / her the right to visit the child. both visitation and support are doen separately. Uunless there was a divorce that stipulates the arangement.