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Pre-cum contains small amounts of leftover sperm from a previous ejaculation, whether from a wet dream or from sex/masturbation.

Once the sperm is exposed outside of the body, it is unlikely that it can even live any much longer. Even so, you should be careful and not have any direct contact with the wet precum.

Pre-cum contains semen. Unless your hand touched your vagina, it is impossible for you to be pregnant.

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Q: If you get pre-ejaculate fluid on your hand and then if your hand touches your body can you become pregnant?
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Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant from a mans pre-ejaculate fluid if its on the inside of his underwear and it touches the vagina?


If pre-ejaculate fluid touches a girls vagina and she has a tampon in can she still get pregnant?

No, very slim chance.

How likely is it to get pregnant 5 days after your last period with only having had pre-ejaculate fluid rubbed on your vagina but it did however happen twice in one day?

it can be very likely to get pregnant...if any guys sperm touches the vagina area then she can become pregnant

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid on your hand if it touches your vagina?

yes because the sperm can travel up your vagina i think.

Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend touches himself and gets little pre-ejaculate fluid on this fingers and touch the outer part of the vagina?

Yes. Pre-ejaculate fluid is likely to contain sperm, as this came into contact with the vagina there is a possibility of the girl getting pregnant.

Can you become pregnant if the condom broke inside of you and there was pre-ejaculate fluid inside?

Yes, many women get pregnant from pre-ejaculation.

If the semen was near your vagina is there a possibilty you can become pregnant?

If seminal fluid entered the vagina, there is a possibility you may become pregnant. If it is "near" the vagina, it may be near enough to enter it.

Can fluid get you pregnant?

seminal fluid can.

Can a girl get pregnant if she touches pre-ejaculation fluid and then like 10-15 minutes later touches the outside of her vagina and then puts her finger inside of her vagina but not too far?

Yup. @edit If this is the true story then no. Most pre-ejaculation fluid has no sperm in it. And even them sperm dies at a very fast rate in the open air.

If a woman on her period can pre-ejaculation fluid get her pregnant?

Pre-ejaculate does contain sperm, and a woman can become pregnant at any time during her menstrual cycle.

How much sperm is in preejaculate?

There tends to be much less viable sperm in preejaculate than in actual ejaculate at the end of sex. However, it often contains enough sperm cells to cause pregnancy. Do keep in mind that any fluid from the penis during sex can spread disease. So to help prevent diseases and pregnancy, condoms are always recommended.

If the penis of a healthy person touches the sperm of an HIV infected patient does he also becomes HIV infected?

He could become infected. There is a chance since it is a body fluid.

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