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If you get your period early on in the cycle should you skip right to the sugar pills?

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Hi, No never skip to sugar pills when this happens or it will throw your cycle off completely. Continue to take the pills as prescribed. So take the active pills and then the sugar pills when it is time.

2006-08-17 22:30:43
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Q: If you get your period early on in the cycle should you skip right to the sugar pills?
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What should you do if your period comes before your placebo pills?

keep taking your active pills, your cycle will balance itself out after a few months of being on bc pills

Is it safe to take the placebo pills a week early to get this period earlier?

That would mean stopping your pills a week early, no that is not a good idea, you could ovulate and get pregnant. You would be better off skipping the placebo pills and going straight to the new pack, the day you should start the placebo - so you don't have breakthrough bleeding that month. (skip your period completely that cycle.)

Is it normal to have your period 2 weeks early on no pills or anything like that?

it depends if you are just starting then your periods haven't really regulated yet but if your older they should have regulated and should be the same each cycle

When should you start taking birth control pills in your period cycle?

Right on the first day. It will take a month before the pills will be effective.

If taking birth control when should you start your menstrual cycle?

Your period usually comes during the placebo pills week(sugar pills).

Do periods stop even if you're on birth control pills?

With the traditional birth control pill you take a cycle of pills every day for 21 days and then 7 days of sugar pills. In the 7 days of the sugar pills you have a period. Today, there are pills that skip the 7 days of pills and you stay on pills for 3 months and then after the cycle of 3 months you have a period. In both cases after the period you start a new cycle of pills.

When missed pills cause an early period do you have your period when it is usually time even though it will be the second time in a month?

If you miss 3 or more pills it can cause you to have a period even thought its the 2nd period that month. This is because you missed pills. Missing pills puts you at high risk of pregnancy and problems in your cycle and how well the pill will prevent pregnancy.

Can charcoal pills change when your period starts?

No, charcoal pills have no impact on when your period starts.Your period is controlled by your menstrual cycle and hormones - not charcoal.

You missed about 4 days worth of your birth control and you just took them you started your period early and you would like to know if this is why you started early please help?

You started your period early because you missed your pills. Remember, if you miss pills you are not protected, use a back-up metnod of contraception for this cycle, such as condoms.

How many days after finishing a cycle of BC once you begin the sugar pills should you begin your period?

how the bob do i no?

Can you be pregnant if you missed two pills before your period and still get your period a day later?

If you got your period, you're 99.9% not pregnant. A period is essentially a 'missed opportunity' at getting pregnant. If the two pills you missed were the last two pills of the month, it just means your period came early because you stopped the cycle a little early. No big deal. ________________________________________________________ I disagree with this, because if she had sex close to her period...then she could very well still be pregnant, because it takes really a week for the egg to get fertilized or whatever, so within that time she could have her period because she technically isn't pregnant yet. but if she missed 2 pills, she might have had her period because she missed the caused a disturbance in the cycle so it brings on a period.

Your doctor put you on birth control pills so you can have a period how long will it take to have a period?

It should take about a month. Birth control pills are hormones; they make sure a specific amount of the proper hormone is in your blood each day. When your hormonal cycle has gone through a cycle, your period occurs.

When do you get your period when you get no placebo pills?

Depends on your natural cycle. The first three months, you may have irregular spotting/ bleeding, but it should regulate after about 12-14 weeks. If you naturally have a pretty regular cycle, then you should get your period every 28-30 days or so. If not, unfortunately, it can be very unpredictable. Estrogen pills with placebo (sugar) pills, help to regulate the menstrual cycle. Progesterone-only, on the other hand, will not regulate your period. There are several websites and apps that can help you track your cycle, so maybe participating in period-tracking can help you predict when your next period will begin.

Should wait to start next birth control pack if don't get period?

No, you should continue taking the pills as scheduled. IF you missed any pills in the prior cycle, take a pregnancy test.

What happens to your menstrual cycle if you start birth control pills two Sundays after period ended?

you will get your period when you start taking your "period" placebo pills in your pack

How do you stop your period early without pills?

You can't stop your period early, not without pills and no guarantee with pills either. Menstruation is a process, it takes time for it to come to an end and it will end in its own time.

What day in cycle should you start period?

On average, you should start your period every 28 days. This varies up to as much as 35 days depending on your age and whether or not you take birth control pills. Your cycle should begin on or about the 28th day.

Your birth control cycle ended last Friday and your period did not start you took a pregnancy test today and am not pregnant Should you start taking your new cycle of pills tomorrow?

Yes, you should continue your birth control pills as schedule regardless of bleeding.

Can you start your period when your birth control pills are half way done?

if you stop taking your birth control pills at any time through out your cycle, you will bring on your period. * if you miss a day this can also bring on a short period* some pills take a few months (avg is 3months) for your menstrual cycle to become accustomed to forced change. This can result in irregular periods and spotting (short light periods). After 3 months your cycle should have adjusted. If you are bleeding after this much time in mid cycle (according to yr pills) without missing pills contact your doctor. the hormonal dose of the particular pills you are on may not be working with your body.

Should you start the next pack of birth control pills when your period starts?

You start the first pill the Sunday after the FIRST day of your period ideally, but can be any day of the week, but after the 1st day of your period. Your cycle is four weeks long, you take colored pills for 3, and take white pills for 1 and you will have your period that week, then start a new pack of pills.

Will your period be late if you do not take the green pills?

In some birth control brands, the green pills are active pills and should not be skipped. In other brands, the green pills are placebos (sugar pills or reminder pills) and can be skipped. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider to get information specific to your brand of birth control pills. If you skip active pills, your period will be early and you increase the risk of pregnancy. If you skip placebo pills, your period will be delayed.

Can you take birth control to start your period back up?

no. Birth control pills can stop periods altogether, shorten them, or turn them in to "spotting" If you were getting your period before you started the pills. If you stop at any time during your cycle this should bring on your period.

Can diet pills make your period early?

It makes it late.

If you start your green pills early can you start your period earlier?

Hello. Yes if you start your pills earlier you will start your period within four weeks. If you miss any pills, you will start your period earlier.

When do you get your next period after taking the contraceptive pill?

It really depends on the sort of pill you are taking. A lot of pills say to start taking the first tablets on your first day of bleeding meaning your next period will be three weeks later and then four weeks every cycle after that. If you just started taking it in the middle of your cycle, you should not bleed until the first "sugar" pill you take three weeks later. If it is a low dosage pill, your normal cycle may still come for the first month. Hello there - When you take birth control pills you should get your period when your taking the sugar pills for seven days. During them seven days you will get your period. When you take morning after pill you can get a early period like bleed, experience spotting or have a very delayed period.