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Fines paid or not, if you didn't attend traffic school or fight the tickets and win - your points on your license go up. This is reported by your state's Dept. of Motor Vehicles to your insurance carrier and they will deem you as a liability. Increases vary by vendor. When the opportunity presents itself, a 1-day sentence to traffic school is the best investment. Also, you would be surprised how often cops don't show up for court on traffic ticket challenges - resulting in the citation being dropped altogether. You can always ask the officer, "When was the last time your radar gun was calibrated?" or the ever popular excuse, "My spedometer has been acting up recently, and I'm getting it checked out..." Anyhow, good luck and for heaven's sakes - S L O W. . . D O W N !

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How long will a speeding ticket stay on your record in California?

In most states it is 39 months. It will also affect your insurance rates.

If you had adjudication withheld for a speeding ticket will your insurance rates be affected?

I've had three "ADJUDICATION WITHHELD"s for speeding in the last 14 months and my insurance rates have not been effected.

Will a speeding ticket raise your car insurance?

Getting a speeding ticket may raise your insurance premium rates, but it will depend on several factors. One is looking at your total ticket count over a period of time, like 12 months. If you have 3 speeding tickets in that time, your rates will most definitely be affected. If this is your first one, you may not see a difference.

Will you get kicked off your car insurance if you have received a 180 speeding ticket and you got into a car accident about 2 months ago?

yes you will. Anfortunatly all insurances do that

How long will a DWI affect your insurance in NY?

In the state of New York, a DWI will affect your insurance for a period of 40 months. However, you really can't be driving when you lose your license because of a DWI anyway.

If you are in the military and stationed in another state do you have to change your auto insurance to that state?

If you are in the military and stationed in another state, you do not have to change your auto insurance to another state if you plan to reside at minimum of 6 months. However, if you plan to change your state driver's license and reside more than 6 months, your auto insurance must be changed.

How long is cobra insurance good for?

It's 18 months. If you are in CA, you can continue for another 18 months. Agent at

If you are 18 years old and just got your first speeding ticket in Georgia going 28 over how much will it effect insurance?

Depends on the insurance company and their policies on this. The norm is that a speeding ticket WILL impact your insurance rates, and those higher premiums will now be with you for the next 39 months. If you get another violation before age 20, your rates will climb even higher. Violators can sometimes arrange to attend Traffic School which may help to get the points removed from your record. Speed kills - and wastes your own money in more ways than one.

How long does a speeding ticket stay on license in ny?

I I believe it takes 18 months for the ticket to to used against you for insurance purposes. Unfortunately the insurance companies can view it for up to 5 years. I hope the helps answer your question. Drive safely my friends :-)

How will having four points on your license at age 22 affect your insurance?

It depends. If you get all 4 points in one year, it can affect your premiums substantially. If the points are spread out, it probably won't affect your insurance as bad. In CA, points go away after 36 months.

Fourth speeding ticket in twelve months?

lose your license

Is it possible to get temporary car insurance in Florida?

In the state of Florida, you can buy insurance from 3 months to 6 months to more if you want. They do not have weekly insurance, but as long as its a few months, you can do that.

If you get two speeding tickets within 18 months will you get a point in California?

you'll get more than one point. i just got my first speeding ticket and that speeding ticket alone will be 1 point.

How long do traffic tickets affect insurance?

they put points on your license, then your rates go up about 100 dollars every 6 months.

How do you keep your license after getting 4 speeding tickets in 6 months?

You Don't!

How long can lawyers put your speeding ticket case on hold?

3 months

How will 3 points on your driving record affect your insurance?

I had received 4 speeding tickets in 2 months, so I know first hand the difference in insurance from receiving 3 points. It doubles. Or, atleast it did for me. That's pretty much the long and short of it. But other things like being dropped from you're carrier can happen. But it does take 4 points in 12 months to get your license suspended. I'm not sure how it works where you are but in Nevada the points on your record are just a system used for DMV to determine when to tell you "time to take the bus" (12 demerit points in 12 months) What insurance companies out here go by are CONVICTIONS which are totally separate from the demerit points so depending on why the points were tacked on it may ironically not affect it at all.. while a paragraph telling a story (conviction summary) of you driving wrecklessly may considerably impact it yes. If you're with State Farm you'd better start looking for another insurance company. Like I said, it depends on the circumstances and Insurance companies go by your actual convictions and not so much numeric points.

You got a speeding ticket in Saskatchewan how long do you have to pay it?

just under two months

Jail time for unpaid speeding tickets in Utah?

If you have an unpaid speeding ticket in Utah, there is a possibility that you could spend as much as 6 months in jail. This will depend on the circumstances.

How much will your insurance go up after your speeding ticket?

Speeding tickets are not good; depending on who you are with and how many you have, and lots of factors. You may choose to go to traffic school if you haven't gone in a couple of years, or 18 months in some counties, and wipe it clean from your record. Otherwise, slow down. i recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

16 year old speeding ticket in Ohio what will happen to license?

i just turned 16 and got a speeding ticket what is going to happen!!! nothing, your insurance is going to go up and prolly bend you over but other than that depending on the speed you'll only get 2 or 4 points on your license. No big deal, but you can pay extra to the court or something like that to keep them from turning it into your insurance company but you have to sign a paper stating you will not get another ticket for the next 6 months or year, i can't remember. Your fine, just use cruise control as much as possible

How long can you wait before taking traffic school for a speeding ticket in California?

18 months

How long does a speeding infraction stay on your driving history in Connecticut?

A speeding infraction will stay on your record for 24 months in the state of Connecticut. This rule applies to all moving violations in the state.

Do you have to pay auto insurance if your car is totaled in an accident and may not have another car for several months?

If the only insurance you have is on the totaled car, you will not be required to carry a policy on it anymore. However, it is never good to have lapses in the dates you are insured. I suggest having them to lower your insurance to the most basic your state allows and carry that until you get another car.

What happens when you receive two speeding tickets within 2 months in Ohio?

They take your car and beat you with it