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If you got a speeding ticket 18 months ago and another two months ago both for 9 miles over the limit how will that affect your auto insurance if you paid it the fines?


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Fines paid or not, if you didn't attend traffic school or fight the tickets and win - your points on your license go up. This is reported by your state's Dept. of Motor Vehicles to your insurance carrier and they will deem you as a liability. Increases vary by vendor. When the opportunity presents itself, a 1-day sentence to traffic school is the best investment. Also, you would be surprised how often cops don't show up for court on traffic ticket challenges - resulting in the citation being dropped altogether. You can always ask the officer, "When was the last time your radar gun was calibrated?" or the ever popular excuse, "My spedometer has been acting up recently, and I'm getting it checked out..." Anyhow, good luck and for heaven's sakes - S L O W. . . D O W N !