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I think you should just give up. or . . . SHOUT IT OUT!!!! ps. Sheets aren't too expensive, right?

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Q: If you got nail polish on 380 count 100 percent cotton sheets and you sprayed hairspray on it what should you do next after the hairspray is dry and is it ok to use Modsetnes on it?
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What is the difference between cotton and 100 percent cotton?

There is no difference: the modifier 100 percent is simply a clarifying addition. Cotton is naturally 100 percent cotton.

Are 100 percent percale cotton sheets pure cotton?

Percale is a treatment for cotton. Your phrase 100 percent indicates the composition of cotton is 100 percent.

How do you get ink out of cotton shorts?

saturate the inky area with hairspray and wash immediately.

What is the Difference between 100 percent cotton and 100 percent combed cotton?

Combed cotton is softer and finer than ordinary cotton. Impurities in combed cotton were brushed out after the initial spinning.

Why is water sprayed near cotton mills in dry season?

Probably to ensure that cotton fibres in the atmosphere cannot catch fire and cause an explosion.

Does 55 percent cotton and 45 percent acrylic clothes shrink?

No. Acrylic and cotton blend should not shrink.

Is 99 percent cotton 1 percent spandex considered skinny jeans for boys?

No, there are a lot of skinny jeans with 99 percent cotton and 1 percent spandex that are for girls.

How do you remove ink pen marks from wooden table?

I just used hairspray on a cotton wool pad and rubbed hard. Be careful not to use to much hairspray as this might fade the colour in the table.

What are flammable houshold items?

hairspray petrol alcohol cotton deoderent nail polish remover posion items

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That is completely based on which tee shirt you are talking about, there are 100 percent cotton ones, and everything from 40 percent to 99 percent otherwise.

What does 98 percent cotton 2 percent spandex sateen means?

Well 98% is cotton and 2% is spandex sateen. Simple.

If an item is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent modal will it shrink?

Yes, because there is cotton involved. Not too much, though.

WHAT 100 percent COTTON IN Romanian language?

100 % cotton = 100 % bumbac

What is the difference between pure cotton and 100 percent cotton?

Nothing. They are the same.

Is there 100 percent cotton sewing thread?

There is - 100% natural cotton fibres

How do you Remove hairspray from varnished wood?

To get hairspray off of varnished wood, use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to clean the affected area. Then use a bit of soap and water on the wood, and allow the wood to dry.

How do you get sharpie out of your 100 percent cotton shirt?

you do not get sharpie out of your 100 percent cotton shirt unless the color of the sharpie is:magentababy blue

What percent of polyester is cotton?

Polyester is a man made fiber which is often mixed with cotton, which is a natural fiber. There is no cotton in polyester.

Does 50 percent Cotton with 50 percent nylon shrink?

Yes, it will shrink.

What percent of clothing is made from cotton?


What is made of 100 percent cotton?


How much percent of cotton does Pakistan produce?

pakistan produce 13 milllion worlds cotton

How thick is 80 percent cotton?

Your answer depends on the construction of the cotton fibre and the substance that is the other 20%.

Can you hand wash a blouse that is 57 percent silk and 43 percent cotton?


What type of cotton is grown in the U.S.?

Two kinds of cotton are grown in the United States: American upland cotton, which accounts for 95 to 98 percent of production, and Amer-Pima, which accounts for two to five percent of production.