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If you had a Windows xp and upgrade to vista when you reboot it will it be windos xp?


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No. Obviously, if you upgrade to Windows Vista, you will have Windows Vista.

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can windows vista reboot with usb

You can check the web site of the NIC manufacturer for a Windos Vista driver, buy a new network card or then do a duel boot for Windows XP and Windows Vista and only use the network when you have Windows XP loaded.

Yes, you can do an upgrade from ANY Windows Vista to ANY Windows 7.

A Windows Vista free upgrade can done directly from the Windows Microsoft website. Follow the on screen instructions and you can upgrade your system for free.

Yes, you can certainly upgrade a Windows Vista or XP to a Windows 7 based on the capability of the computer and software. You would have to install a special Windows software for the upgrade.

It's something called "Windows Anytime Upgrade". To go to Vista Ultimate from Vista Business, it will cost you $139.00 Please make sure you're system is capable of running Vista Ultimate by downloading the "Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor" directly from Microsoft below: Now, read this page for "Windows Anytime Upgrade" : Hope this helps.

Windows Vista upgrade home premium can be found online for $55 on a few sites. The Business version of Window's Vista upgrade can be found for around $150.

Do you mean upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista? Yes, without a doubt.

get windows live 1 care and fire away

Yes, when Windows 7 comes out, you'll be able to upgrade from Windows Vista

Simply download the files then run the Upgrade Setup.

depends on the computer there is a vist upgrade advisor on the Microsoft webpage here is the webpage: and that will tell you if your computer is capable of whatever OS of vista you can run

You should buy an upgrade version of Windows Vista however your computer if running XP is likely not to be powerful enough to run windows vista. You should run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before upgrading as this will show you any problems your computer may have running Vista.

If a computer is running Windows Vista, it meets the system requirements for Windows 7. One can upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 easily. Microsoft has prepared a webpage named as "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor" for more information about the upgrade.

The real question is can you hardware handle an upgrade. I would check the Vista hardware requirements and make sure your PC is up to the challenge.

When you put the Vista Install CD in, it will offer an upgrade option; however, Vista is outdated. You should upgrade to Windows 7 if you can purchase it. Just like Vista, it is the same process. Put the Windows Install CD in, it will offer an upgrade option, and you will be able to upgrade your Windows. Most users, however, discourage performing an upgrade installation and encourage a clean install. A clean install ensures that nothing will go wrong with your installed copy of windows and you can keep your mind at ease. If you upgrade your existing copy, you will be transferring over files that might not work or cause the system to fail.

loads because windows vista is the worst windows software it uses the most ram and CPU Ghz out of all of the windows software i surgest you stay with xp or upgrade to 7

Windows 7 systems requirements is where you would look. During Windows 7 one would use the Upgrade option and install an edition of Windows Vista to Windows 7. Windows Update in Control Panel will open and install Windows Vista if you already have automatic update turned on.

Windows 7 Ultimate Well actually im taking windows 7 course and I believe the correct answer is "Windows Vista Business" is the only in-place upgrade to Windows 7 Pro...Now you can upgrade ANY version of Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate with in an in-place upgrade setting.

first you need to buy the windows 7 upgrade, which is about 300 or so dollars. then, you open it. it has instructions on how to install from there. To find windows 7, search "Windows 7 upgrade" on Google.

You cannot upgrade from XP directly to Windows 7. You must upgrade to Vista first, or perform a new installation.

any program that runs on vista will run on windows 7. I did the upgrade and had no problems with compatability.

upgrade from the vista installation to window 7 without unistalling windows vista firstreview a list of recommendations for upgrading to windows 7 before proceeding with the upgrads\e

Ceratinly. You would need to buy the Win7 upgrade and away you go.

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