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What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

Can flamingos fly?

Yes, Greater flamingos fly about 350 miles per night duringmigration. A flamingo has to take a running start before it flies. The flock will fly in formations that take advantage of the windcurrents. The plastic flamingos that people have on their lawns do not fly.

What do flamingos eat?

Flamingos eat small fish like anchovies and shrimp. Flamingos are actually white or grey, but the shrimp they eat turns them pink. When a flamingo loses its feathers it eventually turns white or grey. A baby flamingo is born white or grey, but it gets pinker as it gets older. They eat shrimp and ( Full Answer )

Are flamingos herbivores?

No, because they eat small fish. shrimp, algae, and other small creatures found in shallow water. Flamingos are omnivores.

How do flamingos move?

Flamingos walk on long, stilt like legs that are designed for wading in shallow water. They have webbed feet so they won't sink into the mud at the bottom of the water. When they fly, flamingos run a few steps into the wind; the flock will fly in formations that take advantage of the wind currents. ( Full Answer )

Are flamingos carnivores?

Flamingos are carnivores because their main food source is shrimp and other small creatures that live in shallow water.

What are flamingos enemies?

Flamingos live in areas with shallow water beside lakes and riverswhere there are few predators. Their most common predators arebirds of prey such as eagles and hawks passing over. The adultflamingos are not in danger from such predators because of theirlarge size, but their chicks are and they must ( Full Answer )

What is the habitat of flamingos?

The habitat of a flamingo is freshwater and saltwater lakes,marshlands and wetlands in both tropical and subtropical regions.The flamingo is found in Central and South America, the Caribbean,south west Europe, Asia and Africa. Any place that would grow a lotof algae. Flamingos like hot soda lakes as ( Full Answer )

How tall is a flamingo?

Different flamingos are different sizes. Yet the largest one can look a 40 year old man right in the eye! Maybe can even tower over him at 6' 3''.

What does flamingos eat?

They eat shrimp and some anchovies, as well. (It is the shrimp that accounts for the pink color of flamingos.)

What family are the flamingos in?

Phoenicopteridae . (I haven't got any flamingos in my family!- but next door might have one or two!)

How fast are flamingos?

Flamingos move at moderate rates. When they run, they don't run far, as soon as they've taken a few steps, they take of in flight.

Can flamingoes fly?

Yes, although because of their awkward proportions, it is difficult for them to take off.

How big can flamingos get?

The size of a flamingo depends on the species. The greater flamingostands between 110 and 150 centimeters tall. The lesser flamingoaverages 80 to 90 centimeters.

Why are flamingos important?

According to Biologists, flamingos serve an important role inbalancing the ecosystem by maintaining control of theoverpopulation of algae. Flamingosâ?? diet is blue-green algae andsmall shrimp in lakes.

What color are flamingos?

the color of flamingos is purple and giant red poka dots. some are also brown with small pink poka spots.

What are the flamingos defenses?

The flamingo has only one natural defense, and that is escape. At the first sign of danger, a flamingo will take flight, and all the other birds of the flock will follow suit, taking to the sky. This makes them difficult targets for natural predators.

What adaptations does a flamingo have?

Flamingos are uniquely adapted to survive in their wetland habitat. They have long legs and webbed feet which enable them to wade in water, and to swim. The webbed feet support them on the soggy ground of the wetlands, and stop them from sinking into the soft mud. Flamingos are characterised b ( Full Answer )

How do flamingos fly?

When they fly, flamingos run a few steps into the wind; the flock will fly in formations that take advantage of the wind currents. When flamingos fly, they take several steps and take off into the wind. The flock will fly in formations that take advantage of the wind currents.

How do flamingos get their food?

They catch the food by putting their heads down, putting their beaks in the water upside down, and using their beaks to extract spirulina, which are definitely not shrimp (they are blue-green algae--not even the same Kingdom). Flamingos do this using bristle-like structures in the mouth as a filter, ( Full Answer )

Why is a flamingo called a flamingo?

It is called a flamingo because it comes from a Latin word called Phoenicopterus ruper , that means pink colored organism.

How does a flamingo eat?

Flamingos have these plates on the edges of their beaks, called lamellae. The flamingo dips its head upside down underwater, and all the water and underwater organisms and plants rush inside the lamellae. The flamingo then presses its fleshy tongue against the inside of its bill, forcing the water ( Full Answer )

What are flamingos good at?

For one thing they can exist in hot caustic conditions that would take of your skin in no time. Also tenacity Pink flamingos in Africa, have two lots of chicks in a row while this is taking place the lakes they live on dry out. Often before the time the second lot of chicks reach adulthood the lakes ( Full Answer )

Are flamingos smart?

Birds, on the whole, have been determined through scientificstudies to be more intelligent than previously thought. However,there is no data available on the specific level of intelligence offlamingos.

What is the characteristics of a flamingo?

Well, their skin is pink due to all the shrimp they eat. Flamingo's always stand on one leg and they stand in the water most of the time. That's really all I know and I hope that helped you. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

What is the weight of a flamingo?

well flamimgos wiegh about 17oz when born and can go from that to being 35oz to 41oz when its in adult age.

What would happen if flamingos were not fed shrimp?

they would lose the pink pigmentation and in turn would eventually fade to a white or grey. if you look at the baby flamingos they are of grey colour this is because they have not been exposed to the effects of shrimp.

What is the behavior of a flamingo?

The behavior of a flamingo is very simple. They stand on one leg while they sleep and when another flamingo tries to hurt their baby, they will squawk and pick at that flamingo.

Where do flamingos eat?

They eat at restuarants like us LOL that's how the question was worded. But i get you they eat in their habitat or any body of water where fish and bugs are. I got that off a commerical plus you always see flamingos in water! -EAgamer999

What are the scientific names for flamingos?

Here is the name of every flamingo and their scientific name; . Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) . Lesser Flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor) . Chilean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis) . James's Flamingo (Phoenicopterus jamesi) . Andean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus andinus) . Am ( Full Answer )

Are there Flamingos in Egypt?

Yes, the Greater Flamingo is found in Egypt in great numbers. The best place to see them in Egypt is Lake Qaran where numbers of Flamingos are up to 1000.

How much would flamingo land themepark be to buy out?


Are flamingos reptiles?

No flamingos belong to the bird family and not the reptile family as they have wings.

What can eat a flamingo?

Flamingos choose regions that have little food for other animals and avoid having many natural predators. They can be the target of large birds that move from place to place. Grown flamingos are not the target but the chicks are vulnerable and the parents must protect them and kept them close by.

Does a flamingo have teeth?

no but they have small comb like things called lammelae that strain the tiny food they eat! i am awesome

Why do flamingos stink?

It is because of all of the seafood that they eat. the food may leave an epic stench.but i bet you smell worse.

Are flamingos friendly?

My 8 year old son and I were at Arasta Gardens a month ago, and the tallest flamingo in the flock came up and nuzzled against the blond lad while touching his beak to the top of his head. Another bird, or the same one, repeated the procedure two minutes later. ENR

Can you milk a flamingo?

Nope. Only a mammiferous is able to produce milk. However, they do produce a milk-like substance from the cells lining their crops which has similar properties to milk. This is used to feed their young until their beaks are fully developed.

Why are flamingoes endangered?

The main endangerment for flamingos is loss of habitat to human development and their habitats get poisoned by pollution.

Do flamingos get tired?

there is no real way of telling but a theory shows that if a flamingo stood on one leg for that amount of time it would get pretty tired

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

Why are flamingos beautiful?

Flamingo's are pretty because they have awesome pink feathers. They get the awesome pink feathers from the color of the food they eat. :D

Is a flamingo curious?

Some birds are very intelligent. There is a case of a raven held inPrague zoo which learnt to say "Dont't do it" every time when onewoman opened a recycle bin. He was curious what effect it had. (Hewas previously reproached by the worker of the zoo for repeatedpecking into his foot by the words "Don ( Full Answer )