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If you had an accident and it wasnt your fault does it go in your driving record?


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If the police came out and made a report of it then it will be on your driving record. It will be a not-at-fault accident but it will still be on your driving record.

If the police did not come out but your insurance knows about it then it will be on your CLUE report and be a not-at-fault accident.

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if you can prove it wasnt your fault then the other person is liable for your car... but there is no way of getting out of being in trouble for driving without a licence and insurance

DMV always says when you have an accident you should report it, if the accident is over a certain amount of money. I say consider it well before you do, make sure it is a real incident worth notifying dmv,police etc. because it will appear on your record, and the burden of proof will be on you, even if the accident wasnt your fault.

You may be entitled to indemnity if you were not directly responsible for the accident. You will have to check this with an attorney to be sure as they will always give you the best advice in this situation.

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The reason you need car insurance is for protection for both you and other parties. Without insurance, if you were involved in an auto accident, you would have to take the responsible party to court, which cost you time and money. Insurance covers this cost, as well as it finicially protects you. if you were found at fault for an accident, and did not have insurance, you would be responsible for all the damages and medical expenses for all parties involved. This could end up costing you several thousand dollars, which most of us could not afford. Insurance covers this cost, as well as insures that if you are injuried in an accident that wasnt your fault, that you are fully compensated for your injuries

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