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Dispute it with the reporting agencies. They are Equifax; Transunion and Experian.

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Q: If you had an account become delinquent in 1998 but the charge off appeared on your credit report in 2005 can this be removed?
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How much time needs to pass for an Account receivable account to be considered delinquent?

The terms of the invoice will determine the amount of time that it takes for an account receivable to be considered delinquent. Often many organizations have terms that require payment within 30 days. It would become delinquent the day after it is due.

When do juveniles become delinquent?

When they commit a misdemeanor or felony.

How long does it take to become a juvenile delinquent officer?

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What steps does a business need to take in order to place a client's delinquent account on the client's credit report?

The business would have to become a client/contributing member of the credit bureau(s).

What are some of the reasons that cause a juvenile to become delinquent?

There are many reasons that cause a juvenile to become delinquent. Many of these reasons have a sociological aspect to it. Two particular reasons could be family abuse or drugs.

Can credit card companies keep a delinquent account open forever or do they all eventually become charge offs?

Most will eventually list the account as a charge off. Which means they remove the account from their books and take a loss in a tax write off. This does not release the debtor from the obligation of repayment. The account is usually sold to a third party collector. If that agency cannot reach a equitable agreement with the debtor, they may file a suit. Even if you do not hear from the creditor or collection agency for an extended length of time, you are not free of the debt. The SOL in most states is six years, (depending on the type of debt that is delinquent). Eventually it will become a charge off which is much worse for you! It will become a charge off and will be impossible to get it removed from your credit report. Remember, just because it is a charge off, it DOES NOT mean that you do not have to pay it and it looks a lot worse on your credit report!

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If you got a speeding ticket 5 years ago and have not paid the ticket does it become delinquent?

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