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umm.. he did wear a condom, and he pulled out way before the signs of him cumming. repeat, he DID WEAR A CONDOM! The withdrawal method is not safe. Even though he pulls out before ejaculating, he does produce natural lubrication which has sperm in it. Women who use the withdrawal method usually get pregnant within 1 year of doing this. If you really want to prevent pregnancy, then have the man wear a condom or get Birth Control. when you say protected sex i hope you mean by condom for one the only way you could be pregnant is if there was a hole or tear in the condom but dont rely on most spermicide if you do get it from your gonocologist me and my boyfriend just pull out but im on depo great stuff it keeps me from having periods you should try it

2008-06-15 05:59:36
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Will there be ejaculate on the outside of her vagina if you ejaculate inside her?

Yes there can be as usually when you ejaculate you still thrust which causes ejaculate to be spread about inside and out.

Is it safe to ejaculate in a woman who is 2 months pregnant?

Yes, no problem. The growing baby is safely held inside the womb protected by a closed cervix and a bag of fluid. If the woman did happen to miscarry it would not be anything to do with have ejaculate inside her.

He didn't ejaculate inside of me but can I still become pregnant from the pre-ejaculate even if I peed after it occured?

Peeing will not affect it at all... unless you had sex in your urethra...

Can you become pregnant if the condom broke inside of you and there was pre-ejaculate fluid inside?

Yes, many women get pregnant from pre-ejaculation.

Is it possible to become pregnant with pre-ejaculate three days before your period?

Yes. Any man-juice inside any lady-parts at any time can do the job.

Can you get pregnant if he does not ejaculate near your vagina?

No you cannot become pregnant if he does not ejaculate near your vagina, however if before he actually ejaculated his penis was inside/made contact with your vagina during sex (if you had it) there is a slight chance of becoming prenant. i hope ive helped best of luck JAMESEY

Can you ejaculate inside a postmenopausal woman?

yes i can

How long should you wait before trying to ejaculate for the second time in one night?

Ejaculate once a day, or you can cause medical problems in your penis, Your penis could bleed and also cut inside..

Does the guy ejaculate inside the condom?

Yes. Men ejaculate inside the condom. That is what a condom is for, and why you should hold the end as you put it on. That way, it leaves room for the ejaculate. You would hate for it to ooze out from between the condom and the penis.

Why was King Tutankhamun's tomb protected?

Looting tombs with rich prizes inside had become rife.

Can people ejaculate inside anus?

you can ejaculate anywhere. anal is just one type of sexual position

Can you get the girl pregnant if the man rubbed his penis inside the girl's vagina but did not ejaculate without a condom?

i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom

Your girlfriend and you were dry humping in a pool and you got a little deep inside her you did not ejaculate but your worried if you could still get her pregnant?

If you didn't ejaculate inside her than she can't get pregnant.

Why you don't have pre-ejaculate fluid?

Pre ejaculate lines or lubricates the inside of the penis to prepare for ejaculation.

What if your boyfriend wears a condom but you can feel him ejaculate inside the condom does that mean he came inside you?


Can a woman get pregnant 4 days before your period?

It is possible; sperm can remain inside you for about 4-5 days, sometimes 6 or 7, and if you are ovulating during sex, you could get pregnant. Of course, there are different factors involved- did you have protected or unprotected sex, are you using any kind of contraceptive (properly), and did your partner ejaculate inside you or come into contact with your vagina.

If you have unprotected sex and he ejaculates inside you can you be pregnant?

Yes. Simply put, yes.If you're not having protected sex you can get pregnant if he ejaculates inside you. In fact, this is usually how it's done.Note that it's also possible (albeit rare) to get pregnant even if he does not come inside you, because of his pre-ejaculate.

If you dont egaculate inside someone can they still become pregnant?

It depends on where you are when you do ejaculate. If you are still close enough to the vagina, then there is a chance of some sperm finding their way.

Can you get pregnant if the guy pre-ejaculate and fingers the girl?

Yes it is posiable because sperm can escape from the seamen into the pre-ejaculate, but in your case with a finger its more than likely its a no. If you have normal sex and pulls out before ejaculatting you can still get pregnant because of the pre-ejaculate still inside you could contain sperm.

What is the chance of being pregnant if the condom broke and your cycle lasts 25 days and it happened 14 days before you expect your period and he did not ejaculate inside you?

any time you have sex, there is a possibility of becoming PG, withdraw dosent word either, a man will ejaculate some sperm before he climaxes

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy pulls out and he doesnt have pre-ejaculate?

Sperms are too tiny to tell whether any got inside you or not, or whether at any point of intercourse any got inside you or not. Whether he has pre-ejaculate on his penis after pulling out or not is not relevant. There is a tiny risk that some sperms got inside you and get you pregnant.

Can you ejaculate inside a women and not get pregnant?

Yes, but dont take your chances.

What happens if you ejaculate inside her if she is 14 weeks pregnant?

nothing at all

Does it feel better for a guy to ejaculate in you or pull out and ejaculate?

It feels better to come inside of a girl, because the stimulation that is bringing him pleasure is still in act.

Can you get pregnant if his penis is inside and then before coming he pulls out to wear at condom?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex without a condom, because the pre-ejaculate fluid can contain sperm.