If you had to lose 4 pounds before weightlifting district weigh-in in two weeks what is the quickest and safest way you would do it?


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2015-07-16 19:27:14
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The normal safest amount of weight to lose is 1 pound per week, but 4 pounds is attainable provided you aren't extremely close to your target weight anyway. I don't recommend diuretics. Reduce your caloric intake slightly and exercise as usual, or if you don't exercise, get started!


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You only have to lose weight before weightlifting if you choose too. Any fat will be converted to muscle.

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it dates back to before the ancient greek. Maybe before

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After. Because the impact of weightlifting on aerobics is smaller than the other way around. Also when you start with weightlifting you'll burn glucose thus increasing the amount of fat that will be used per aerobics.

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No bcos he has does weightlifting competitions before, and even if he did he couldn't bcos he would get disqualified.

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