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You could be. Take another test to see. Maybe your hormone levels were not high enough yet to tell on the home pregnancy tests. Hello, Yes you could be pregnant. Based on what you said, you tested about 9-14 days too early. Basically this is what you need to know about conception: * You can become pregnant any time throughout the month, not when your only ovulating. * During your period there is not a egg in the correct position to be fertilised, so chances of conceiving during your period is very very slim but not impossible. * When you ovulate and have unprotected sex, your at high risk of pregnancy. * It takes 2-4 days for sperm to reach and fertilise a egg. * Once the egg has been fertilised, it takes a further 8-12 days for the Embryo to implant in your uterus and begin releasing HCG. * HCG is first released in your blood then later, spills over into your urine. * It takes about 2 weeks AFTER the Embryo has implanted because you can do a pregnancy test. Hope this has helped you. Take care.

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Q: If you had unprotected sex then was late on your period 6 days had a light period for 3 days now your always bloated sleepy your breast are swore but a test says your not could you still be?
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What are the early signs of a period?

Your breast feel tender, pain in the rectum, bloated feeling.

Can thrush cause you to have a bloated stomach?

no, you can only be bloated when you have your period no, you can only be bloated when you have your period

Are you still Feel bloated after period could you be pregnant?

i'm still bloated after period. Can i be pregnant?

When you press your breast white fluid come out your stomach is bloat but you had your period had unprotected sex?

Could be pregnant, get a test done

What is wrong with my body!?

I have missed my period by 13 days now. My right breast is extremely tender compared to the left one. I had some spotting with a few TINY clots yesterday. Negative HPT. Unprotected sex all the time. If not pregnant, what's wrong with me? Bloated all the time!!!

How early in pregnancy do you get bloated?

There is no absolute answer. Some women get bloated just before a period and they will get bloated just the same but no period will come because they are pregnant so they stay bloated . Some women don't get bloated at all. I don't, lucky me.

Is it safe to have unprotected sex ten days after a period?

It is never 'safe' to have unprotected sex, period.

Is headache being bloated slight nasea and tender breast a sign of pregnancy before a missed period?

not reliable....also signs of pre-menstral syndrome

If you have unprotected sex on your period does it stop straight away if you get pregnant or will it go on until the end of your normal amount of time for a period?

no, it always comes.

Do your breast always have to be tender to be pregnant?

no it can also means your next period is about to come on

How long after conception can one start feeling symptoms feeling so bloated which not normal for you and have breast tenderness Still over a week away from your period?

Bloated feling could be due to your approaching period. Some people can start having symptoms just prior to their first missed period. Most women don't have symptoms that early, but it is possible.

What if your periods are delayed and your breast are getting bigger?

Swelling breasts can be a sign that your period will start soon. If you've had unprotected sex, swollen breasts (along with a delayed period) can mean that you're pregnant. You can take a pregnancy test three weeks after your last time having unprotected sex to find out.

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