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If you had unprotected sex then was late on your period 6 days had a light period for 3 days now your always bloated sleepy your breast are swore but a test says your not could you still be?

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2006-07-16 20:40:19

You could be. Take another test to see. Maybe your hormone

levels were not high enough yet to tell on the home pregnancy

tests. Hello, Yes you could be pregnant. Based on what you said,

you tested about 9-14 days too early. Basically this is what you

need to know about conception: * You can become pregnant any time

throughout the month, not when your only ovulating. * During your

period there is not a egg in the correct position to be fertilised,

so chances of conceiving during your period is very very slim but

not impossible. * When you ovulate and have unprotected sex, your

at high risk of pregnancy. * It takes 2-4 days for sperm to reach

and fertilise a egg. * Once the egg has been fertilised, it takes a

further 8-12 days for the Embryo to implant in your uterus and

begin releasing HCG. * HCG is first released in your blood then

later, spills over into your urine. * It takes about 2 weeks AFTER

the Embryo has implanted because you can do a pregnancy test. Hope

this has helped you. Take care.

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