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Most modern cars have electric fans which are designed to operate only when the engine is nearing the boil-over point. Cooling is accomplished most of the time by air moving through the radiator as a result of the vehicle's velocity. When sitting in traffic, or climbing a hill, the fan should operate when the coolant temperature reaches a preset value.

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Why is the Engine light coming on in our 1997 Chevrolet Malibu?

You need to go to a repair shop and not a parts house and have the light diagnosed. There is a reason and you need to know what it is.

Volvo 850 overheated at highway speed what might be damaged?

Check coolant in Radiator!!! Radiator might be empty, fill it, it's probably the reason why your engine is overheated

Should you replace head gaskets during intake gasket repair?

No reason to if the intake gasket is the only problem you have. If engine was running smooth and was not overheated then there is no reason to fool with the HEAD gaskets

Reason for being late that starts with an R?

road closedradiator overheated

My car start Jerking then it gradually stopped check engine light flashed then the oil and battery light i popped the hood noticed all my antifreeze overflowing from the tank now car won't start?

Your engine overheated for whatever reason.

How far can you drive your car after the service engine soon light comes on?

That depends on the reason why it's coming on.

Why heat absorbed by the engine must be discharged?

Why does heat get absorbed by the engine must be discharged??The reason why heat is absorbed by the engine must be discharged to the atmosphere in one way or another because the engine will become overheated and eventually seize up and this is why a cooling system is built into the engine to cool it and prevent overheating.This is answered by J.G.NThank you for using this answer in what ever you need it for.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 2.2 engine?

They are in the exhaust system. Some have them before and after the catalyic converter.

My check engine restricted performance light comes on interminently is there a concern?

Yes, the check engine light is coming on for a reason. You need to take your vehicle into a service center.

What causes engine whining noise in 05 sunfire?

Gas Lid not tight is the reason my eng. Light keeps coming on

What problem is there when a engine gets loud for no reason?

Look over the entire engine for any loose parts. Listen to see where the noise is coming from. The noise could be anything from a loose bolt to an engine going bad.

What are the top 5 reasons that a check engine light will come on for a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

I am not sure of the other 4 reasons But in my experience the top reason your check engine light comes on is because your gas cap isn't tightened all the way.

Reason for being late that start with an R?

road closureradiator overheatedrunning laterecuperating from illness

Will having my ecm help with reset?

Resetting the ECM without fixing the reason why the check engine light came on will only lead to the check engine light coming back on soon.

What are some reasons for being late to school that start with the letter r?

Road closure is a reason to be late for school. Radiator overheated is another reason why you are late for school.

87 VW Vanagon has white smoke from tailpipe?

Vehicle likely overheated, or for some other reason, the head gasket has been breached, allowing coolant to be burned in the engine. The coolant is consumed, appearing as whitish smoke emitting from the tailpipe.

You hear noise coming out of your muffler what could be the problem?

the reason you here noise from your muffler are because less pressure from your engine is going fast.

1999 Chevy Malibu leaking coolant from the front any reason why white smoke is blowing out the tailpipe car has sat for 2 yrs?

The white smoke coming from the exhasut is a sign then engine has a blown head gasket. Coolant is getting into the combustion chamber and appears as white smoke at the exhaust. Maybe this is why the car has sat for 2 years?

There is smoke coming from the front and under the hood and wter leaking from under car what is the diagnostic?

the reason why smoke is coming from your engine is because it is on fire And the water is from the ac ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assuming that the engine is running and warmed up , it sounds like you have a leak in a heater hose or radiator hose , or somewhere else there is a leak in the engine coolant system

What is the reason the movie New Moon is not coming out?

it will be coming out In November

What is Reverend Hale's reason for coming to Salem?

Reverend Hale's reason for coming to Salem is to learn about Betty's illness.

What does ETS OFF Check Engine mean?

Check that your air sensor is plugged in/connected to where it should be - this is the most common reason for ETS light coming on

What blocks the oil from coming out when your changing the oil in 1992 explorer?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but by any chance have you not pulled out the engine oil dipstick . For some reason you are supposed to do that in order for the engine oil to drain

Reason to be late starts with r?

road closure,ran out of gas,roadwork,radiator overheated,rush hour traffic,reading a book,

What do the warning lights mean on 2005 Saturn?

They can mean a number of things, such as an engine issue or part failure. A mechanic has a computer that can interpret and diagnose the reason for the light coming on.

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