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Could you please post back at let us know if your baby is having a "shunt" operation done and if not, what type of operation is your baby having? With a little more info we can research information for you. Thanks! Ask the doctors and nurses, they are there to give you information as much as look after the baby. If you don't understand what they are telling you ask them to repeat it. You have to sign the consent and look after your baby afterwards so you need to know (and are entitled to know) everything. I hope all goes well.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-26 21:58:49
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Q: If you have a baby who is due for a hydrocephalus operation what should you do before and after the operation?
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for information regarding this subject go to the link below (Hydrocephalus Fact Sheet)

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I don't know much about this, but my mother gave birth naturally (vaginal) to my little sister, so it must be possible. It would depend on how serious your baby's hydrocephalus is. I have a friend whose grandson's hydrocephalus made vaginal delivery impossible.

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Hydrocephalus is usually detected at birth, but some cases slip through the net, and aren't diagnosed until later in life, even people into their 70's. Hydrocephalus is usually the result of another problem within the skull.

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