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Q: If you have a bachelor's degree and join the Air Force are you an officer automatically?
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What college courses are required to become a military pilot?

Actually you join the air force as an officer, so you need a bachelors degree which takes four years, so if u wanted to be an officer then you would need to go to college and get a bachelors degree, idk exactly what courses but that's what you need to be a pilot.

What do i have to do to be an usaf officer?

You need to get your bachelors degree through AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps) or finish your four years in college and go to USAF OTS (Officer Training School) If your really interested in it I would try to find a Active/Retired USAF Officer.

What college degree is needed to be a air force officer?

At least a bachelor's.

Do you have to have a college diploma to enter the Air Force?

Yes. You must be a officer to fly and that means you can join during collage or after? No. You do not have to attend college at the Air Force Academy to be an Air Force Pilot.

How many credits are needed to Graduate from the Air Force Academy?

The bachelors degree will run approximately 124 to 128 credits.

Is it possible to get a commission in the Air Force from an online bachelors degree?

If the degree was from an accredited college or university, then yes. You need a transcript and degree (and any other proof that the USAF wants for your commission). Congrats on your degree! Too many people don't take advantage of the nearly free education that is offered by the Air Force.

Rank in air force with a degree and two years rotc?

You get an officer rank. But the rest depends soley on you.

About how many years of college are required to be an Air Force jet pilot?

To fly an Air Force jet you must be a commissioned officer. To become a commissioned officer requires a bachelor's degree, normally a four year program.

To go into the airforce do you need to be in rotc in high school?

no. there are many ways to get into the air force. enlisted-no previous experience ROTC (in college)-study while preparing for officer commissioning in air force officer training school- already have a degree and apply to become an officer

What type of academic degrees do you need to become a engineer?

In order to work as an Engineer you need at least a Bachelors degree in Engineering. This type of degree can take any where from 4-5 years depending on the University program. However to advance in the work force it is a good idea to have a Masters degree.

What is the average starting salary for a film or communications graduate with a Bachelors Degree vs a Masters Degree?

There is absolutely no benefit right out of college for your first job. The masters degree will benefit you later down the line in the 3rd, possibly second job......It is recommended that communications majors enter the market after the bachelors to get experience, and slowly work on masters. Many companies have tuition reimbursement as well which is another reason to go ahead and join the work force.

Does everyone that graduates from Air Force Academy have an engineering degree?

No. While every graduate receives a Bachelors of Science degree, they can be in a wide variety of majors from engineering and mathematics to chemistry and biology, and even English, History, and Management. Minors are available in a variety of foreign languages.