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Well, yes its possible and they have full rights to find out. I probably don't want to know why you're asking! A bank statement comes each month. Who gets that? That statement either includes the cancelled checks or photocopies of the checks. If your bank offers banking by phone, the other person on the account can listen to the check numbers and amounts. If they wanted to find out more (like who a check was written to) they could just call the bank.

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Q: If you have a checking account that is jointly owned by you and another person is it possible or likely that the other person will see who you wrote checks to?
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Can a creditor put an attachment on a joint account in NY?

A creditor can put an attachment on a joint savings or checking account in NY. When an account is held jointly with another individual, the creditor does not know who contributes more to the account and secures the account as an asset.

How do you stop a garnishment on your checking account for unpaid debt?

The account holder must petition the court to have the levy (garnishment) lifted. This is only possible if the original judgment writ is invalid. If the account is jointly held and only one account holder is the named judgment debtor the non debtor account holder must provide documentation to the court the percentage of exempt account monies belonging to them.

If you have a judgment against you and you live in Texas and don't have a house or car in your name can they take money out of your checking account?

Yes. Texas does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt but it does allow bank account levy even if the account is jointly held.

Can your brother be but on your joint account?

Yes. You can have anyone you want (Your friend, family member, siblings etc.) as a joint holder of the account. However, if the account is already jointly held by you and another individual and you want to add your brother to it, you need the approval/permission of all the other parties who jointly operate the account before you can add your brother to you.

Can somebody go after your joint bank account in Maryland to collect a debt from just one person?

Yes. A joint bank account is an equal property of all the parties involved in the joint account. So if one of the parties who jointly hold an account owes a debt to the bank, the bank can lay claim to the cash he/she has in an account they jointly hold with another person.

Can joint checking accounts be garnished for credit card debt in Maryland?

under Maryland Law they cannot garnish funds from a Jointly held account unless the judgement was again both owners. They also cannot garnish retirement or escrow account

Can a student loan garnish a jointly owned bank account in Maryland?

It's possible for a bank levy to be placed on a joint account, it really depends on how the account is set up. Whether or not it is a marital account, a joint account with survivorship rights and so forth may determine what legal action can be taken.

You are intrigued with having a savings account online for convenience sake Does anyone know how does it work?

The Online Savings Account is designed such that you earn high interest but still have your money available at call. You can access it anytime using Phone and Internet Banking. Simply link your Online Savings Account to another bank account, whether with ME Bank or another Australian financial institution. The account must be in the same name as your Online Savings Account or, where the account is held jointly with another account holder, at least one account holder.

Can a bank be held responsible if it allowed money to be transferred from a dual signature checking account into a single signature checking account by only one person on the dual signature account?

No. The bank is not responsible or liable if such an incident happens. A joint account is one that can be fully operated by either of the two people who hold a joint account. So if one party withdraws cash or makes a funds transfer, it is assumed that the other party has no objections towards it. So the bank wouldn't be liable if one party does it against the wish of the other party who holds the account jointly.

What is another word for acts jointly?

in condert

Are bank account levies allowed in Texas?

Yes, Texas allows a judgment creditor to execute a bank account levy, even if the account is jointly held.

What percentage of a bank account can be levied?

In most instances the entire amount of the account is subject to levy. The exception is if the account is jointly held and only one of the account holders is the judgment debtor.

Are collection services allowed to levy bank accounts?

In most states it is possible for a creditor or collector who wins a lawsuit judgment to execute the judgment against checking or savings accounts even when the accounts are jointly held. how about in the state of Texas

Can I sue spouse who liquidated our jointly-held online brokerage account without my knowledge or consent?

Probably not because it is a joint account. Pre-nup!!

If you had a joint checking account with your boyfriend but have removed yourself from it is it legal for him to still use the checks with your name on them?

Yes. The name/names on a check simply means they are legally authorized to sign it. * The names on the checks are really not the issue. When a checking account is jointly held one of the holder's cannot simply take their name off the account. The account has to be closed and each party will be required to open a new account in whatever status they choose. It would be in the best interest of the person wishing to be excluded from financial responsibility to contact the bank to make certain they have been relieved of all responsibility concerning the account. The UCC states that only the signer of a check is responsible. However, not closing the account properly can create any number of problems for one or both account holders.

Can a creditor seize joint bank accounts?

Usually this is possible. When a bank account held jointly is levied, the account is generally "frozen" by the court until the non debtor account holder(s) is given a chance to submit proof as to their share of the funds. The exception is, in a few states married couples can hold an account in Tenancy By The Entirety. Under such circumstances the account is only subject to levy if both spouses are named debtors.

What happens if I write a check from a joint account and find out my husband closed the account?

If the mode of operation of the account is jointly by you and your husband in this case he can not closed the account. If the mode of operation is either or survivor, in this case your husband can close this account and you can not claim anything from bank.

Can a lien be placed on jointly owned property in Alabama?

Whether or not it is possible depends upon how the deed to the property is worded. It also depends upon if the property is owned jointly by a married couple.

Can you open a separate bank account if you filed for bankruptcy jointly and are now separated from your spouse?

yes...if the bank agrees.

Does pa law allow checking account garnishment?

Yes, it does. A garnishment can occur only where the creditor has obtained a judgment against you in a court of law. After the judgment is entered, the creditor can garnish your bank account if it knows where you bank. There are some exceptions to this, in that bank account that is jointly owned by husband and wife cannot be garnished, unless the judgment is against both spouses. The second exception is where the funds in the account are traceable to Social Security benefits. For more answers to similar questions on PA laws, please visit my website at

What is the best saving account a young married couple can get?

A young married couple should aim to go to the bank and seek to get a high yielding savings account that they can open jointly.

Who can freeze a bank account in Louisiana?

A bank account can only be "frozen" via a valid court order. Such action is generally taken by the account holder(s) not the judgment creditor. The reason being that the funds in the account are jointly held and one or more account holders are not the judgment debtor.

A public program that is jointly funded jointly administered and jointly determined by both state and national government is an example of?

A public program that is jointly funded jointly administered and jointly determined by both state and national government is an example of cooperative federalism.

Should couples share bank accounts?

Actually, it's a good idea for couples to share their bank account. However it is not mandatory. A husband and wife are not required to maintain a joint account and they can open a joint account if they wish to operate a bank account together (jointly)

Is it smart to allow your name to be added to an elderly aunts checking account and if she overdrafts or has problems managing her account will I be held responsible?

If she overdrafts it you would be jointly liable for the overdraft. However you could have the account set up so that it would not allow an overdraft to occur. I presume you are offering to manage her money for her (because she is likely to have problems) if you do so you must ONLY use the money in the account for HER needs/benefit while she is alive. The advantage is that when she dies the account will not be frozen until probate because it is in your name too (the contents are still subject to probate but the account is not frozen on her death).