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Not necessarily. Many women have a discharge, pregnant or not. See the Related Link for symptoms of pregnancy.

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2008-07-26 09:30:56
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Q: If you have a discharge does it mean you are pregnant?
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What does it mean if you have heartburn nausea and white discharge?


Does it mean you pregnant if you have red discharge?

No it does not neccissarely mean that it can mean ur about to start your period

I have thick white discharge and it's heavy discharge Does this mean I am pregnant?

It could be ovulation. The only sure way to know if you are pregnant is by taking a test.

Does watery clear discharge always mean your pregnant?

No! It is not a clear indicator at all that you might be pregnant.

Does white creamish discharge by the 30th day mean you are not pregnant?

No. Getting your period means you are not pregnant.

Do you discharge ovulation discharge if pregnant?

if you are pregnant you miss your period

What does it mean when you have clear discharge with small blood clots?

You're probably pregnant and you're experiencing implatantion discharge.

Can clear odorless liquid discharge mean you are pregnant?

No more likely you have a infection.

Can you be pregnant if you have dark discharge one week after your period?

Does it mean you are pregnate if u have dark discharge one week after your menstrul sycle

Can you get vaginal discharge and get pregrant?

Having vaginal discharge does not prevent you from getting pregnant. It will not expel the sperm. It is not a way to determine whether or not you are pregnant. You can have discharge at any time, pregnant or not.

If you are pregnant what does it mean if you have a runny yellow discharge and pain during intercourse?

It sounds as though you have a vaginal infection. Get checked out by your doctor. Discharge does increase while pregnant, but it should not be yellow and intercourse should not be painful.

Can you tell your pregnant by the type of discharge you get?

Yes. If the discharge contains a baby, you were pregnant. Sorry. I couldn't resist.

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