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No,Not as long as the overdraft is paid in a reasonable time, however overdraft charges can be expensive take your name off the account. Fast!!

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Q: If you have a joint checking account with your 70-year-old dad and he constantly overdraws the account before his checks come in will that affect your credit?
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What is a checking account frequently referred to as?

A checking account is also called a transactional account or chequing account.

Why is a checking account better than a savings account?

cause checking account is more safe

How can you get the bank route number and your checking account number?

Your bank routing number is on the left side of the checking account and the checking account is next to it.

How is a business checking account different from a personal checking account?

A business checking account is different from a personal checking account by the minimum amount of desposit. You can read more at › Directory › Financial Services › Banking

Can collection agencies tap a personal bank account?

Yes! Creditors can garnish a personal checking account. As long as the creditor has the checking account info they can garnish a checking account.

What is the difference between a trust and a checking account?

a trust account means you trust the person that is opening the account, and a checking account means you will keep checking it to make everything is okay.

What is the average return on a checking account?

average return on a checking account is about 0.1

Do you have to be 18 to have a checking account?

Yes it is required by law that you are 18+ to have a checking account.

Why is a checking account more convenient is savings account?

It's easier to spend the money in a checking account.

What do you have to do to get a checking account?

First you have to go figure out what bank you want to get a checking account with, go to that bank, tell the person at the desk you want to open a checking account and then go on from there. You can also open a checking account over the phone or on the internet.

What does signatory mean on a checking account?

Signatory means that the person who owns the checking account has signed something linked to the checking account. This could be a document or a check.

Why is a checking account more convenient than a savings account?

It's easier to spend the money in a checking account.

How old do you have to be to have a checking account?

At Chase, you can have a checking account with one of your parents if you are in high school.

What is money in a checking account called?

Money in a checking account is called demand deposit.

How much Elvis have in checking account?

Impossible to know unless you have his checking account information.

What describes a demand deposit?

money in a checking accountMoney in a checking account

What type of account can be a transaction account?

A checking account

What is a non checking account?

A non-checking account is the account in which cheque book is not issued like for customer for getting loans

Can I get a checking account at Wachovia?

You can get a checking account at Wachovia by filling out a form and submitting it to a local branch.

Should interst earned on a checking account be added to the checking account balance?

There is a way to earn interest on a checking accounts and can be added to the account. You will have to back through a credit union.

How can you open an online business checking account?

In order to open a business checking account online you first need to decide which bank you would like to have a checking account through. Then you should go to the website and follow the steps listed to open a checking account.

How do you checking account balance in my account?


How much can you overdraft with Bank of America?

Do not overdraft ever on your checking account or they will constantly take away the amount that you overdrew and that your next paycheck will not be enough to cover your bills.

What are checking records?

Checking records are the records of transactions in a checking account in a bank.

Is a checking account an asset?

From the account holders perspective yes a checking account is an asset. The amount of money you have in your checking account is your asset. From the banks perspective it is a liability because whenever you want your money, the bank has to give it to you.