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If you have a mole does it mean you have cancer?

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No. I think that you can't have cancer that was made from a mole it disn't make sence that you can have cancer from a mole.

AnswerNo. Many people have numerous moles and do not have cancer. If the mole is an unusual color, has hairs growing out of it, or is large and/or growing, you should see your Doctor. AnswerGenerally, no. Moles are usually of no medical consequence. However, sudden changes that occur in moles (such as bleeding, irritation, darkening, sudden growth or a change in shape) can be a sign of skin cancer, so monitoring for these changes is adviseable.
2011-05-21 18:00:43
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Q: If you have a mole does it mean you have cancer?
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Can you get cancer from picking a mole?

No but the mole may already be cancer.

You had a mole and it scabbed off What does that mean?

If you have a mole and it has scabbed over, it is important to see a doctor. It could be a sign of skin cancer.

When a mole hurts when you itch it does that mean you have cancer?

There are many types of skin cancer - some itch, some don't.If you have a mole which causes irritation, it would be a good idea to get it checked out, just in case.

Do you have to have a mole to get skin cancer?

you have to have skin to get skin cancer

Can ripping off a mole cause cancer?

No, ripping off a mole will not cause cancer, although I would not recommend doing such. If a mole is bothering you consult a doctor to have it checked out.

Can you get cancer by shaving your arms?

No. But if you have a mole on your arm and accidentally shave it, yes there is a chance of getting cancer as any mole can be cancerous.

Can a mole get cancer from plucking hairs out?


Do you get cancer if you scratch off a mole?


Could you get cancer if a mole gets ripped off?

If the mole is cancerous. then Yes.

Can a sliced open mole cause cancer?

no. cancer is a internal disease you cant catch it from a open sore. your prolly thinking of skin cancer which a sudden apperance of a mole indicates

What does it mean to have pains inside of a mole?

It means you need to see a doctor. A mole changing shape/colour or suddenly becoming itchy or painful are some of the warning signs of cancer.

When should a mole be removed?

A mole should be removed if it starts to grow bigger, or if it appeared where there was previously not a mole. A mole can indicate bigger problems, such as skin cancer.

A lump on the top of your breast is this cancer?

It depends if its a mole or a cancer bubble, you can tell by the look

When do you have to worry about a mole?

when it looks like skin cancer

What type of cancer is malignant melanoma?

A malignant melanoma is skin cancer, this is where a mole turns and becomes cancerous. It can be treated by the removal of the mole and treatments like radiotherapy and chemo.

What animals do not get cancer?

The only animal that doesn't get cancer is the naked mole rat. The naked mole rat does not get cancer because when it's cells start to over crowd, a powerful gene sends a signal to stop multiplying.

What is mole on a cheek mean?

a mole on your butt

What does it mean when your mole scabs?

If it got bumped or rubbed, a mole may bleed. However, if you notice that it doesn't heal, or frequently has a scab on it, get to a dermatologist without delay. It may or may not be a skin cancer, but prevention is the best.

What is known as an Atypical mole that can develop into cancer?

dysplastic nevi

What is the type of cancer associated with changes in a mole?

Malignant melanoma

What does mole mean in Spanish?

"Mole" Means "bulk"

What is mole Verde mean when cooking?

A mole is a Spanish sauce. Mole verde is green.

If your mole gets sunburned will you get skin cancer?

Sunburn is associated with the development of skin cancer. But just because you get a sunburn on a mole does not mean it will definitely turn into skin cancer. The sun has an over all effect on the skin and can cause melanocytes to become stimulated to grow into melanoma. Sun exposure increases your risk of developing all types of skin cancer. Tanning beds are not a safe alternative and have been placed on the list as an extreme carcinogen.

Do you know what a blue mole is?

If you see a blue mole anywhere on your body you should have it checked. A mole that is blue, brown or black could be a sign of cancer and should be addressed immediately.

Does hair grow on cancer moles?

No hair does not grow on a cancerous mole