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Q: If you have a wooden guitar that needs to be soaked with lemon oil and the fretboard has inlaid rosewood calligraphy will the oil displace or warp the calligraphy?
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Which is the best wood used for making fretboard of a guitar?

Rosewood or ebony

What kind of guitar does Ross Lynch use?

He uses a fender telecaster blacktop hh in black with a rosewood fretboard

Which is the best guitar in the world?

1961 Gibson SG with Two '57 Humbuckers,rosewood fretboard,and satans touch up

What wood makes the best guitar?

depends on the type of guitar. acoustic is mahogany electric is alder also depends on what part of the guitar neck is maple or mahogany fretboard is ebony or rosewood

You have an acoustic CIJ Telecaster with a rosewood bridge pickup and single coil neck pickup Does anyone have any information on this guitar It is tobacco sunburst with a rosewood fretboard?

This guitar was made in the early sixties, very well built, though the pickup did actually tend to go out on this model

When was the Gibson Firebird guitar first manufactured?

The Gibson Firebird guitar was first manufactured in 1963. The body of the guitar is made of mahogany wood, the neck is made of either mahogany or walnut, and the fretboard is made of either rosewood or ebony.

Does rosewood or maple have a warmer toneon a guitar neck?


What is fingerboard section on a guitar called?

the fretboard

What materials are needed to make a bass guitar?

some form of nice hardwood to make the body out of. Maple neck Rosewood/maple fretboard Pickup/EQ system. machinehead tuners. Etc?

What was the guitar inventors reason for choosing rosewood to make the guitar?

Guitar necks and fingerboards are generally made out of rosewood because it is harder wearing than maple.

What is guitar action?

The term "action" refers to the height of the guitar strings above the fretboard.

What is the thin long part of a guitar called?

Neck or fretboard

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