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The reason why you are eating cementYour addiction to eating cement may result from an extreme deficiency in one mineral or another. People with these sorts of deficiencies will sometimes rub cars or windows with their fingers and eat the dust they collect. FIRST, stop eating cement, it could kill you, as it contains lime! SECOND, go see a doctor immediately! Your doctor will perhaps (or if they can't go see another one) suggest a supplement that will supply the mineral your body craves. AnswerIt's a fetish! Your dentist is going to have a field day with you! Think about that one!
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Q: If you have an addiction to eating cement what can you eat that would give you the same satisfaction?
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The cement would harden inside of you. I don't even know why you would eat cement. It's probably toxic and plus you would be eating liquid rock so it wouldn't taste very good.

What would happen if you eat wall cement plaster?

If you eat wall cement plaster, you would become very sick and maybe die. Wall cement plaster is not made for eating in any way.

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5 gallons of cement would weight 5 * the weight of 1 gallon

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Is eating chalk better than eating cement?

If you are eating cement or chalk you have a medical problem. You are deficient in somthing. See your doctor!!!!! I agree! Eating either one can be VERY harmful. Your body is lacking something and you need to find out what it is. There is lots of help out there, take advantage of it. Why would you eat chalk or cement in the first place. Both contain chemicals that could probably kill you sooner or later so the answer is probably no. The preceding answers are all correct in that you are in serious need of professional medical attention. You obviously are: 1. Crazy, and need serious psychiatric help or, 2. Dangerously nutritionaly defficient and need diagnostic help and correction RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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