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Hello there. If the inhaler has past its expiry date then you will need a new inhaler.

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Q: If you have been using ventolin prn for 1 year now can you still use it or do you need a new one not yet expired?
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Are nicotine lozenges still effective after expiration date?

Yes, have been using expired lozenges for years now.

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Expired Vitamin C is unlikely to hurt you, but the strength may not be as great as the bottle indicates. Of course, if it has expired, especially if it has been expired for a while, the best thing to do it throw it out and buy more.

Can expired Xanax hurt you?

It depends, if you have been using Xanax for a long time, then using expired products can trigger withdrawal symptoms as chemical breakdown of alprazolam (Xanax) is less potent than the non-expired drug product. You also have the risk of paradoxical reactions of hysteria, delirium and seizures.

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call ur transportation office nearest u!

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You should still help them. You are protected by the Good Samaritan Law.

Can you be pregnant if your Depo shot expired 3 weeks ago that was the only shot you got and you haven't used any protection?

if the med it self expired the answer is no!! if you have been on it for a while say over 6 months my answer would still be not likely

What can happen to a person if they use an expired asthma pump?

you will probably get sick depeninding on how long it's been expired

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if it hasn't been opened, eat it

Will expired Crest White Strips still work?

Not nearly as well. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. It degrades to water and oxygen over time. After expiration, there is still active ingredient, but, depending on long they've been expired, the effect is diminished.

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It depends on how long the cookies have been expired. If it was recent then it would be stale. If not it might be as hard as a rock or strange tasting. But you shouldn't have expired cookies anyway.

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Check the expiration date. If they are expired, do not use them.

What happens if you eat expired pasta?

If the pasta was raw and uncooked, it might taste a little stale. As long as it has been packaged, and no dairy has been added before it expired, you should be fine. Also the best before date is usually meant as a quality reference, most foods if kept properly, are usually still edible a short time after , but the quality suffers. Dried pasta should still be ok.

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you drink it

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