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The answer depends on age, climate, genes, etc., but you can expect your hair to be 1/2 - 1 inch longer in three months. on average hair grows 1/2 and inch a month, that depends on what kind of diet you have and the condition of your hair, healthy hair does grow faster.

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Q: If you have close cropped hair how long will it be in three months if you let it grow?
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If you have hair that is close cropped but not buzzed and the tips of your ears are just about covered how long will your hair grow in three months?

hair grows about half an inch per month.some say taking a supplement of kelp or brewers yeast stimulates the speed of hair growth.

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It takes three months for one inch, leading into a simple multiplication problem. 5 (inches) times 3 (months) 5*3=15 15 months. 1 year, three months. _______________ Correction: Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month. In order for it to grow 5 inches, it will take about 10 months.

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Well, to be honest, my hair grew to my forehead in three months, and in six months it grew to be about ten inches or so. So about ten inches does your hair grow when you decide not to cut it for the approximate time of six months.

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put avacato on it or manaise and then put a bag over it

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well it'll take 3 months to grow your hair in 3 months

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