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i think so

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Q: If you have got 7.6 CGPA in 10th std can you get pcm ip in 11th?
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How much cgpa is required to take pcm subject?

a minimum 65% you need

What is the syllabus of IIT?

basically the syllabus is 11th,12th PCM . IT requires critical & analytical thinking

Where can you get the result of haryana online off campus counseling?

AIEEE Rank 853811 PCM(12th)=61% 10th=79%

What will be your rank in karnataka cet 2009 if you have got 71 in pcm and 77 in cet?

around 18000

What will be your rank in karnataka cet 2009 if you have got 93 in pcm and 96 in cet?

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!YOU WILL SURELY GET WITHIN 100!!!!haha, that's exactly what i got. 4438 rank.

Where is pcm on a Lincoln cont?


What could be the cause of this had the PCM replaced on 2003 Dodge Neon and within 5 min of picking it up the speedometer stopped working and the gas gauge went haywire?

Return to shop that changed the pcm, sounds like they may have created the problem. Was the pcm a reman or new part? Possibly new pcm is defective or there is a wire worn threw and intermittenly grounding itself. Obviously check all he connections, make sure they are tight. Possible a wire got disloged or not connected properly when pcm was exchanged. good luck

What are some causes of the Industrial Revolution?

i bet this is your 10th class history homework ....Trust me kid ...You don't want to me to tell you the answer ....look And search it in you ncert ...IT is very clearly stated there.....Work hard ...If you want to get the stream you want ...i am an 11th class student ...and i had to struggle in schools in search of pcm ....!

Does the pcm effect the transmissionin a car?

The PCM will not affect the transmission in your car. The PCM is not related to the transmission in any way.

What is a pcm in a 97 f150?

Powertrain Control Module ( PCM )

What does the pcm stand for in pcm relay?

Power Control Module

What is the full form of pcm?

pcm ---------------------------------------------------------------- Powertrain Control Module