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Yes, you have the choice to deduct less than $3000. This is the upper limit for deductions and you can deduct less than that.

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Q: If you have more than a 3000 dollar long term capital gains loss can you deduct less than 3000?
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How can you use up an old capital loss quicker?

Have capital gains. Otherwise restricted to 3000 a year against ordinary income.

Can a minor trade binary options?

yes a minor can trade binary options using his father's name. His father can deduct losses from his investment gains and use up to $3000 of losses to offset his income.

What is Capital Gains Tax Software?

There is no tax software specifically called "Capital Gains Tax Software". Capital gain tax software is a product that tracks capital gains tax information for you and/or assists you in filing your tax return with that information. SPK Credit recommends Simply Track as the best software for this and the product can be downloaded for free from here:

Do you deduct all investment looses on your 2008 tax return or am i limited to 3000.00?

First..."realized" losses...not just a drop in value, a loss at must realize the loss. Capital losses are available against Capital gains...(ther are short & long term holding considerations too), and then $3000 are available against oridinary income. Any amount of losses not used can be carry forwarded and used as above, incl the $3000 year, until used up. Hence, your not limited...and if you make some good gains this year (or next) the losses will be available against an unlimited amount. It is the excess that is limited.

What is the maximum amount of long term capital loss that an individual can claim on its 2008 tax return?

You report ALL of your capital losses (long or short term) on your tax return. They are used to first offset all of your capital gains (no limit). If there is still a net capital loss remaining, you can deduct the smallest of the following from your ordinary income: 1) $3000 2) your net capital loss 3) your AGI (computed without including any capital gains or losses) minus your standard or itemized deductions, but not less than $0. The full amount not used is then carried over and treated as a new capital loss in the immediately following year. Always fill out the carryover worksheet in the Schedule D instructions to determine the amount carried over. Never assume that the answer is obvious.

How many 100 dollar bills are in $300000?

100,000 dollar bills

If you have 200000 in losses one year and then 100000 in gains the next year can you write off 100000 or are you limited to the 3000 per year write down?

You're capital loss carry forward can be written against the gains. The 3,000 applies only in EXCESS of capital gains. Therefore you can write off 103,000 and carry forward the balance.Year 1: 200k capital loss. Write off 3,000 carry over 197,000Year 2: 100k Capital gain - 100k capital loss (out of the 197) plus an additional 3k against ordinary income. Carry forward 94k of Capital loss for next year.http:/

What is 6 percent on 3000 dollar in sales?


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The ancient capital was in Jerusalem.

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How many years can you claim investment losses on your taxes know it 3000 a year if filing married Ex loss 30000 in 2008 claim 3000 on 2008 taxes Can you claim 3000 for 10 years are is it a limit yrs?

If you had a net $30,000 capital loss in 2008, you would use $3000 to offset ordinary income in 2008 and carry $27,000 forward to 2009. In 2009, the $27,000 you carried forward would be treated as if it were a brand new capital loss that first occurred in 2009. It would be treated just as if you sold a stock in 2009 for a $27,000 loss. You would first use the full $27,000 to offset any capital gains that you had in 2009. If there was anything left after offsetting capital gains, you would use $3000 to offset ordinary income and then carry over what was left to 2010. You can keep doing this until you die. Your heirs or estate cannot use any capital loss that is left when you die. For example, let's say you get lucky in 2010 and sell a stock for a $10,000 profit. You would use $10,000 of the $27,000 to offset the profit. Then you would use $3000 more to offset ordinary income in 2010. Then you would carry $27,000 - $10,000 - $3000 = $14,000 to 2011.

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