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I'm not one hundred percent sure..but It's not your child so no you wouldn't have to pay child support for it.

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Who do you call if someone hasn't filed thir taxes in years and owes child support?

How many years??

Can a woman file for child support fifteen years later to a man that has no idea he might be the father and has not seen nor spoke to the woman or child in fifteen years?

Yes DNA is DNA. As long as the child is 18 and under (or 21 and under if he/she is a student) child support can be filed for, recovered and even back dated

Does someone still have to pay child support if they just found out they have a child 21yrs old?

No. In some states they may enforce retroactive support or support for while the "child" attends a 4 year university. Retroactive support is generally only backdated 2 years from notice.

Can i apply for child support if my child is 18 years old?

No. The child is not a child anymore but emancipated so there is no need for child support.

How old does a child have to be to ride on a motorcycle in Maine?

Seven years child with Riders support and 10 years child without Riders support is Safe.

How long do you have to pay child support for kids?

you have to pay child support until the child is 18 years old

If dad never paid child support now you are 55 years old can I still claim my child support owed?

I believe all child support owed is always there and can still be enforced.I know someone who is in their 30's and their mother is now finally getting the child support owed to her out of her ex's social security income.

Your child is 17 years old do he have to pay child support?

In most cases you need to pay child support for a child that is only 17 years old. This is controlled by state law and should be clearly indicated in the child support order.

Is a person of 30 years of age allowed to apply for child support?

No. Generally, child support is paid to the custodial parent. By the time the child is thirty years old the time allowed to petition for child support is past.

Can son sue you for child support 25 years later?

No, there is no need for child support this late.

Can a child 20 years old sue for child support?


Do you have to pay child support in Ohio when your child is attending college?

you have to pay child support as long as your child is under 18 years of age

What if a 23 years old have child with a 17 years old?

They have a child and they will have to take care of the child, support it, and raise it.

How many years back can you go on child support in pa?

You dont need to be on child support if you have a computer.

Can child support put a lien on your house for back child support?

Yes they can put a lien on the house. Just had to do it about three years ago because I had not gotten support in years.

Can someone living in Canada sue someone living in Kentucky for child support after 31 years with no proof that person is the father?

It does not sound like a likely case that would be successful. The child is long grown and on his/her own.

If you are 17 years old in Oklahoma do you have to pay child support?

If you are a parent of a child, then you would provide support for the child, even if you do not have custody.

There is a court order for child support and payment has not been made in 3 years How do you find out where someone is working and their physical address?

Contact your State's child support agency. Be patient but persistent (they're overloaded). Good luck!

How long do you have to pay child support in the state of Indiana?

In Indiana, you will have to pay child support up until your child turns 19 years of age or finishes college. The child support does not automatically stop so you will have to file with the courts to stop the child support once your child hits the age of 19 years old or is finished with college.

Can a mother collect child support once the child reaches twenty?

no not at the age of 20 years of the child. It may be of 25 years of the child

In the state of Ohio what age does child support stop?

Ohio Law requires that Child Support continues until your child is both 18 years of age and finishes high school. If your child is over 18 years of age, the child support will continue if your child is enrolled on a full-time basis in an accredited high school; however, when your child turns 19 years of age, the child support will end. It is your obligation to inform CSEA of the emancipation.

Does an obligator still have to pay child support in Texas after 50 years?

There is no statute of limitations on unpaid child support.

If you live with someone for 5 years are you entitled to anything plus you have a child with them?

If there isn't a legal document that says your married then no, but if you have a child with him and didn't purposly get yourself pregnant then you would probably just get child support.

If a child that is seventeen years old drops out of school do you have to keep paying child support?

In the US, yes, you have to continue paying child support.

Can you be sued for child support for child you did know about after 10 years?

Yes, but you should not have to pay support for any period prior to your knowledge of the child.