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If you have protected sex anytime you wont get pregnant.

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Q: If you have protected sex 15 days before your period can you get pegnant?
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How many days can your period be late?

9 months if your pegnant XD

Can you be pregnant if had protected intercourse 3 days before period and still got a period?

Its highly unlikely so probably not.

I had protected sex 3 nights in a row the first being 6 days before your period you then had a heavy heavy 3 day period and 2 very light days after that could i be pregnant?

No, as long as you are positive you were protected you are fine. Your period has the tendency to flucuate the way it wants. A period can last anywhere from 2-10 days..normally.

Can Having un protected sex 3 days before you get your period make you get pregnant?


How do you get pegnant?

By having sex on your obvilation days or having it on your period...(obvilation is that your body is ready to fertilize the mans sperm to make a baby)

Can you be fertile 2 days after you had your period and had protected sex?

Yes, you could be fertile 2 days after your period. However, if you had protected sex, the chances of you getting pregnant are low

Can the patch stop period if you start it before your due your period?

If you put the patch on before your period is due, you may stop your period or you may have irregular bleeding. Remember that you won't be protected against pregnancy until you've used the patch correctly for seven days.

What are your chances of pregnancy if you have protected sex both with a condom and with birth control and you got your period heavier than normal and an hpt two days before your period was negative?


I had protected sex 4 days before my period am i pregnant?

If you had 'protected' sex then it is very unlikely to be pregnant if you used contraception. But if you had 'unprotected' sex obviously your risk goes up but is very low because your period is starting meaning that the lining of the womb is breaking up causing a period. But if you don't get your period you should consider taking a pregnancy test.

If you had protected sex 3 days before your period date could that make your period come in a later time?

if your on your period before your date then go swimming so it might stop quicker, it depend if it's heavy or not if it's light it will stop but if it's heavy it won't work

Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex and got your period 3 days after?

Unlikely as your period was due.

I have colostrum coming out i am due for my period in about 5 days could i be pegnant?

You may have a non cancerous tumor of the pituitary gland. See your doctor and have your prolactin level checked. Good luck!

NuvaRing Why are you protected instantly if I start on day one of my period opposed to days 2-5?

If you start using NuvaRing on day one of your period, you will be instantly protected because you are not ovulating. If you wait until days 2 - 5, you could not be protected if you have already started to ovulate.

Dizziness before period?

Yes, about 2 days before I get my period I get VERY dizzy. Yes, about 2 days before I get my period I get VERY dizzy.

Can i get pregnant 2 days before period?

can i get pregnant 2 days before my period starts

Should you see signs of pregnancy 3 days after protected sex?

if you miss your period

Can you have a girl three days before your period?

Yes. You can have a girl... Three days before your period... AKA: What?!

How safe is it to have protected sex one day before periods?

Not safe at all. Make sure you use protection. You are beginning to ovulate a few days before your period so use condoms to prevent pregnancy.

What does six days before your missed period mean?

It means that if your period is supposed to start on Saturday, 6 days before your missed period would be the Tuesday before.

Can a girl be pregnant if she starts her period a couple of days after having protected sex?

No 999/1000 have period not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you only had protected sex 3-4 days before a full 5 day period and no sex after but the next period displays brown blood spots similar to implantation bleeding?

If by protected sex you mean a condom, then yes. The condom could break :( If by pill, also yes. They do not always work.

You accidentally inserted NuvaRing when you started spotting a few days before your period When should you expect your period When will it start working?

You may not have any more bleeding this month. Use a backup method for seven days, but you're probably protected right away if you started NuvaRing with spotting.

Can your hymen break before 2 days of period?

yes your hymen can break before 2 days of period

How many days before my period should you get cramps?

The time that cramps start vary with everyone. Some get them days before their period while others get them the day of their period.

Can you ovulate 13 days before your period?

Yes 13-15 days before a period is the usual time to ovulate