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No, but the bleeding that you wrote about "could" be a symptom of miscarriage as well as a number of other things. You should see your OBGYN, doctor or local health dept. without delay.

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Q: If you have spotting for one day and bleed really heavy for two days then have spotting again does that mean you had a miscarriage?
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You climbed a wall and started to bleed just a little but is this a sign of miscarriage?

No I don't think so. Spotting is not uncommon.

Can you bleed a lot at the start of a miscarriage?

While many women who miscarry will start with only spotting, it is possible that the first sign of miscarriage can be heavy bleeding, possibly with clot or tissue passage.

What does it mean if you have 5 days brown spotting then in a six days you are having a heavy blood?

A heavy bleed sounds like a miscarriage. See your doctor.

When you have a miscarriage how much blood comes out?

I bleed for 2 days very heavy with a lot of clotting usually i would know it was happening and make it to the toilet and then continued to bleed for about 9 days but not as heavy more like spotting.

How long does one bleed after a miscarriage?

It depends on the person I bleed for 5 days after my miscarriage

Does bleeding in early pregnancy necessarily means im having miscarriage?

it is a big red flag it could mean you are but some women bleed during pregnancy and dont miscarriage but you need to go to the er asap i have miscaried and it started with spotting so please go to the docter

What if spotting came before your period does that mean that you might be pregnant?

Spotting is pretty much like what it sounds like, its a very light bleed it can happen for many reasons, it could be the implantation, the start of a miscarriage, a rupture in the placenta, plus ther are many other reason's for spotting sometimes just no reason.If it happens right before your period then yes you are probably pregnant.Because if it is the starting of a miscarriage... well, when your pregnant you don't get your period and when theres a miscarriage then theres no more baby so miscarriage before period could mean your pregnant cause its backwards than when your pregnant your pregnant you get your period your not pregnant!so the backwards way is no baby then period so then pregnant. so theres your answer POOPING DURING SPOTTING MEANS YOU MIGHT BE CONSTAPATED WHEN YOUR DONE YOUR SPOTTING. SO IF YOUR SPOTTING AND YOU TAKE A POOP JUST TO LET YOU KNOW ITS NOT NORMAL GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Is it possible to bleed because of a miscarriage?

Yes women usually bleed during a miscarriage since that is the embryo and the lining of the uterus coming out.

Is it okay too bleed a lot for one day after spotting during pregnancy?

For some women, yes, however it could also be the sign of a miscarriage and thus you should most definitely contact your doctor immediately.

Can you have implantation bleeding then get your period?

If you have implantation bleeding, and then bleed again shortly afterwards then you may have had a very early miscarriage. Spotting is common in early pregnancy, but heavy bleeding is something a Dr should look into. Some women report regular cycle bleeding (that is not a period because no ovulation occurred) during pregnancy, but this is very unusual.

Can use of tampons during implantation bleeding lead to miscarriage?

why would you use a tampon during implantation. you shouldn't bleed much just very light spotting. I don't think it will cause a miscarriage but i imagine it would be rather uncomfortable and could increase your chance for infection. try a pantiliner instead

You are 6 weeks pregnant and had brown spotting for couple days then yesterday had a big bleed past a blood clot and now all the bleeding has stopped would this be a miscarry had no cramping?

Check in with your doctor on this. If it was a miscarriage you need to be checked out.

What happens if you bleed before birth?

Well it could mean that you are having a miscarriage, but spotting while you're pregnant around the time you have your period is normal. It could also mean that something might be wrong with the fetus(baby).

How long should your female dog bleed while in heat?

Depending upon breed and size, a dog can be in heat from three to five weeks but bleeding doesn't occur the entire time. It will begin as a clear discharge, followed by some spotting, a heavier bleed, spotting again, and end with another clear discharge. The average obvious bleed lasts about one to two weeks.

You are on day 5 of period where you only have light spotting and then you suddenly get bad cramps and lots of red blood again and large cysts could this be a miscarriage?

Im not sure but you should go to the hospital it could be serious If you do know you are pregnant then you shoud go now. I knew i was pregnant but i did not have the day 5 period like you did. BUt i was at work and had a cramping pain and bleed i went strat to the emergency room luckily it was a threatend miscarriage and not a real one but if you are check do it for you and def for the baby.

Do you bleed the baby out when you have a miscarriage?

Yes, you do

If you had a VERY heavy period and are now lightly spotting again and 4 months ago you had a 2nd trimester miscarriage is it possible to be pregnant even though you just had your period?

They say that you can have a very heavy period and that is a sign of early miscarriage. Most woman have a miscarriage early in the first 3 weeks and didnt even know they were pregnant. They just thank that they are having a very heavy period and then they experience spotting also. More then 50% of pregnancy dont make it past the first 4 weeks and most woman dont ever know that they were expecting. From everything that I have read its not common to bleed heavy if your pregnant. I would check with your doctor. If you feel that you may be pregnant he-she can do a blood test.

How do you know if you had a miscarriage?

When I had a miscarriage I had really horrible cramps and I started to bleed even though I was not on my period. I already knew that I was pregnant and when i went into my doctor to take another test she told me I had lost the baby. Hope this help

Can you get a miscarriage at 4 months without bleeding?

Yes you can have a miscarriage at any point in pregnancy and not bleed or have any normal signs of miscarriage

Could you be pregnant if you have spotting for one day and you bleed heavy for two days then you have spotting again?

Yes, you could but numerous other factors can cause "bleeding" your local health dept or your doctor can tell you if you are pregnant with a simple blood test

How do they stop you from spotting when you're pregnant?

A doctor can give you a injection to slow down bleeding but this is usually only given during a very very heavy bleed during a miscarriage. Bleeding during pregnancy needs to be checked out and spotting is such light bleeding that doctors dont need to administer anything to stop it. It will stop on its own. If pregnant see doctor.

What is the difference between spotting and a misscarrage?

from an RN" the difference between spotting which can be caused by vigorous sex and does not result in loss of the fetus and a misscarriage when the blood is heavy more than two pads and results in complete or partial loss of the fetus. spotting stops on it's own and is less than a pad's worth. rest usually resolves spotting. A miscarriage can be very dangerous because the blood loss can be very significant and large. If you are losing more than a pads worth go to your nearest emergency room and let them help you. They can't stop the miscarriage but they will give you intravenous fluid and ensure you don't bleed too much. good luck. Joymaker

If you bleed brown does that mean you are preagnet?

No. Spotting can be caused by a variety of things, and you may not bleed at all if you're pregnant.

How long after a miscarriage will blood appear?

The blood appears during the miscarriage it could take up to 3 weeks after a miscarriage occurs before you bleed.

How do you know if you have had a miscarriage?

I was 8 weeks pregnant when i started losing my baby.I thought it was blood clots, but if you look closer its really placenta around the baby, as if it's slimy. You will also have a discharge of blood. My husband also noticed i was a little more cranky but it's too bad. The most common symptom of a miscarriage is bleeding,if you bleed during pregnancy it may be referred to as a threatened abortion. It can also be detected during an ultrasound exam,if there is bleeding you should visit a clinic to have an ultrasound exam. You can tell your having a Miscarriage by spotting/bleeding. i had a a miscarriage on the 24 of Sept and it started out by just spotting than when i went to the hospital it got worse!! BUT in some pregnancies people spot so if you spot just go to the doctor to check it out! Some people dont even know they had a miscarriage if it happend early, like it could have happened the time your period was saposed to come! you coulda mistaked it as a period!