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use a curling iron or hair curler. you can also use a round haibrush and a blow dryer/hair dryer

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Q: If you have straight hair how do you get big curls?
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Is kelsey chow's natural hair curly or straight?

In the middle. Its not always straight but she likes to make big curls for the show

Did Shirley Temple have her hair in curls all the time?

Yes. She did. She liked her hair in curls more than straight.

Is it better to get you hair curled if its straight or curly?

Curly, cuz if your hair is straight and thick, your curls wont stay long, if its straight and thin, the curls will stay long, but depends on the hair spray... when your hair is curly you can curl it better....

Does Miley Cyrus have naturally straight hair?

Yes it is naturally straight but she curls it sometimes

Why does Harry Styles have curly hair?

harry has big curls in his hair

Did Aphrodite have curls or straight hair?

Aphrodite could appear with either.

Does harry curl his hair?

when Harry was younger he had straight hair :) and he still has straight hair now but he curls it ( I am a 1D superfan and this is what it said in there new book)

How do you make your hair curly by eating carrots?

Definately! I had dead straight hair and after eating 6 carrots a day for 3 months have curls and more curls.

What Style is Taylor Swifts hair?

She is known to have blonde, wavy curls, but lately her hair has been long and straight.

Do the Jonas brothers prefer girls with straight hair or curly hair?

curly because the can play with the curls curly because the can play with the curls they prefer either just cus ur hair is curly

What does lank mean?

Can mean unduly long and slender, straight and limp. Hair would be straight and lank, without curls

What causes people to have straight wavy or loser curls of hair?

the size of your hair folicle --- sometimes off herdity too...

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