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If you are on a pill such as OrthoTricyclen, you are given a week of 'dummy' pills which contain no hormones. This allows your body to have a period. If you have unprotected sex during this time you should be protected from pregnancy just as any other time of the month. HOWEVER you should NEVER have unprotected sex unless you are in a committed, monogamous relationship with someone whom you know definitely has a clean bill of health. No hormonal Birth Control protects you from diseases such as AIDS and herpes, only barrier methods such as condoms will do that. And please, still be careful!

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Q: If you have taken birth control for 3 weeks and stop for 1 week to have your period can you have unprotected sex during this time?
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What if you start birth control one week after period?

If you are not having sex/unprotected sex, you can start your birth control whenever you want.

Can you put on the birth control patch during your period?

Yes, you can put on the birth control patch during your period.

Can you take birth control during your period?

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

Not getting your period just started birth control?

It takes a month before the birth control is fully effective so if you had unprotected sex most likely you could be pregnant.

Can you get pergnent from only taking birth control pills twice in just one month alone?

can you get pergnent if you took birth control pills only twice last month then had your period but had unprotected sex after your period will you get your period the next month??

What if you wear the birth control patch during your period?

If you wear the birth control patch during your period, you may have a lighter or absent or shorter period. Be sure to start the next patch as scheduled.

Should you talk to your doctor if you do not get a period at all during your first month of use of the pill?

If this is your first month on birth control and you have not missed any pills, then see your Doctor. If you have missed pills or took too many pills, then this is why your period hasn't arrived. A period not arriving during the first month of birth control is not uncommon and can be due to your body becomming used to the medication or pregnancy. If you had unprotected intercourse during the first month of taking birth control then I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test.

Can antibiotics cause bleeding if you're on the birth control pill?

Yes this is normal. Do not have unprotected intercourse during this time as birth control pills will fail due to being on antibiotics.

What happens if you start birth control on your period?

Your period may become lighter or finish earlier. This is completely normal. You cannot have unprotected sex until you've been on birth control for 4 weeks. Until this time, use a condom.

Spot bleeding during the week of your period on birth control?

Any amount of brown or red spotting or discharge counts as a period on birth control.

How long do you get your period for after you take birth control?

When you take birth control pills, you will have your period arriving during the 7 days break. During this time your period may last between 2-7 days.

Why is your period just spotting?

It depends...are you on any medication or birth control? These could be side effects. Do you have unprotected sex? Spotting in place of a period could mean pregnancy.

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