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If you have two mice that are scared of you how do you tame them one at a time?

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First you need to get them comfortable sitting on your hand. To get them used to your hand, get a chair and sit next to the cage while holding your arm in their cage. Mice are naturally curious and after awhile (maybe a few sessions) they will come out and sniff at your hand. They may even put their paws on your hand or climb it! Once they are happy doing this, pick them up gently (not by their tail!) and hold them in your hand. It is now when you can start taming them separately. Take them out of the cage one at a time and hold one in your hand (maybe patting him/her gently) then swap the mice and do the same for the other. Do this regually (everyday) and soon your mice will be tame!

2006-09-13 10:48:28
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Q: If you have two mice that are scared of you how do you tame them one at a time?
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If you put a wild mouse with a tame mouse will the wild one become more tame?

The mice are very likely to fight and kill each other. Also, the wild mouse could have diseases which it could pass on to the tame mouse.

Can a pet mouse be scared to death?

Yes mice can be scared to death as one of my pet mice was scared to death when my cat got it. My cat got it out of its cage and shook it around , but i believe that the mouse died of shock before the cat harmed it.

Will the babies your female mouse had be tame or hurt her since they must be wild as you have no males?

Ah. You're lucky. You're baby mice will be as tame as mom, maybe even more, but smarter and healthier. They'll live longer. This is what usually happens with nearly all domestic wild hybrid. Most 'tame' or pet store mice are from a 'tame' stock bred to be more docile and for appearance and color. If one were to breed with a wild house mouse the offspring would have the potenial to be 'wilder' but if raised as pet mice would probably be as docile as pet any other pet mice. Some species of completely wild Field Mice are almost as docile as pet mice from the first time they are handled so wild doesn't automatically denote aggression it really dnt matter i guess cuz they all nasty

Can you release a litter of mice that are half tame and half wild?

Yes, but if you could get some one to take them as pets, that would be better.

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Have mice had adaptaion's over time?

Mice certainly have had adaptations over time. The fact that mice breed so often and produce so many young is one example of an adaptation.

Do mice have more then one baby at a time?

yes but it is not healthy

Are mice scared of light?

Yes. They prefer dim light or no light mostly because they are nocturnal. I had mice at one point and they never liked light. I have a rat now and he doesn't like light either! Hope that helped!

What is a tame cat?

A tame cat is one that's not afraid of humans, such as the Domestic Cat

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What are the examples of tame animals?

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What eats grasshopper mice?

one time i saw a cat that ripped the head off of a grasshopper mice,and soon mashed it to bits

What fox is kind?

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What is tame animal?

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Do mice like to be held?

yes once they have been tamed they enjoy one on one time with you

What is the reason of one population of all black and one population of all white mice allowed to cross over time and gray mice are born What is this example of?

A Genetic bottleneck

Which one is it four mice or four mouse?

Mice. One mouse is a mouse. Mice is more than one. The lady had mice in her house. The cat caught a mouse.

You found A litter of baby mice will the mother come back?

Answer The mum will probably come back to them. She has to leave them alone because she cannot bring them with her, but she will most likely go back fairly often so long as no one is too close to them. Even if you don't think she will come back rearing mice is extremely difficult, and if they are wild mice they would be too tame and would be killed quickly. Mice with disabilities and tameness would never cope long, which is why it isn't too uncommon for cats to bring in mice with white eyes, or blind mice.

What are the behaviors of mice?

Typically, mice will spend most of the day sleeping, but you can wake them up anytime. When they are awake, they'll eat, clean themselves, and run around or spend time whit you if they are tamed. When babies are present, the mom will feed the babies good, you can have a female "helper" mouse (one that has lived with the mom before and don't fight). While only the mom can feed the babies, they both make sure that the little ones are kept warm. You can often observe the "helper" mouse covering up openings in the nest. Mice are very curious, and likes to explore "the world". You can always tame a mouse. How tame it gets depends very much on how the temperament on the parents are. When a mouse gets scared, it wags the tail up and down very fast. Don't come close to it when it's scared, wait until it's calmed down. When a mouse is exploring, it drags back the ear and almost "crawl". When the mouse is "shaking" and gives away a vibrating sound, it's calmed and this is a sign that your mouse can get very tamed. You can compare this to when a cat is spinning. It's the same thing.

How do mice talk?

Mice communicate through various noises and body language. They squeak when they are hurt or scared. They chirp to communicate where they are to each other while exploring. They shake their tails as a warning, when they are about to attack, and they nip in warning, too, telling you or other mice to stay away. Mouse ears are also important--up means they are alert and curious, down means they are scared and/or submissive. If two mice are squabbling over dominance, one may go still and lift its paws in surrender, ears down and head back, or lay down and go still to show submissiveness. One mouse grooming another may also be a sign of dominance, or it might be just friendly attention. Mice also "hump" each other to assert their dominance--both male and female mice do this, and it's nothing to be worried about. Mice groom when they are comfortable--if you're a holding a mouse in your hand and it sits still and starts to groom itself, this means that it trusts you, or it is easy-going and very tame. Over-grooming, though, can be a sign of nervousness. Mice also "brux" when they are very happy and content. This is a noise they make by grinding the teeth together. Bruxing also causes their eyes to "boggle," which means they move in and out very quickly.