Drunk Driving (DWI or DUI)

If you hire a driver with a four year old DWI on his record will your full coverage insurance cover him?



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You'll need to inform your insurance agent of any employees who drive your vehicles. If they feel that it's been long enough they may not be uncomfortable with the risk. On the other hand, many insurance companies consider drunk drivers to be in a high risk category and will considerably raise your insurance rates. Talk to your agent, be as frank as possible. Don't overstate or understate the situation. You'll probably need to put something in writing about the driver but the agent will tell you what you should do. If he has learned his lesson after his first DUI arrest, he should be given an opportunity to show what he can accomplish. On the other hand, if he's had multiple DUI arrests, he has demonstrated a contempt for law and the safety of others on the road and he is a serious risk to your business and to others on the road. Recognize that if you fail to reveal his driving record problems, the insurance company could refuse to pay for part or all of an insurance claim.