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Workman's comp mandates that all employees are covered. It doesn't specify full time, part time or temps. Yes, you are covered.

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Q: If you injured in job related can you still collect workman's comp even if your only a temp?
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Who must supply workmans comp?

It is When a Man or Women is injured on the the job and the Job Company they work for still gives them there pay while injured until they are able or fit to return back to work.

Can you still collect unemployment if injured?

If you were injured on the job, the better course of action would be to file for Worker's Comp.

If you have not been released from a worker's compensation claim and your place of employment sells out to another company and you are not working because of cut wages can you collect unemployment?

You should still be collecting workmans comp if the doctor hasn't released you back to work. Workmans Compensation is an insurance that your employer bought. You can't collect unemployment if you haven't been released back to work from the doctor. You have to be ABLE to work to collect unemployment.

What if your husbands fatality was work related and i hired workmans comp lawyer . The case settled your favor. Do you still need lawyer?

help me on this

Hubby has a ruptured disc in lower back and muscle and nerve damage to both legs. he's collecting a weekly workmans comp check right now can he have surgery and still collect a lump sum payment after?

Your hubby can collect the money still if he is still unable to work but if he does go back to work with no pain what so ever you would have resign from the insurance or that would be fraud

You were injured on the job but can still perform a part of the job you were doing Can a non-job related injured person bump you from your position if he too can do same job?

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What happens to workmen's comp if the employee is discharged from his job?

In the state of Indiana, you still will receive workmans compensation after being terminated from your job. You will receive workmans compensation until the doctor releases you.

Do you have to reimburse your employer for workman's comp after you are back to work?

If it was a legitimate workplace injury and you didn't commit fraud, the money is yours. It's not a loan. The idea behind workmans comp is that if you're injured on the job you still get part of your paycheck instead of suing the company for injury.

Do you still get workers comp settlement if drug test is positive?

That will depend on State law in the state your accident occurred. However, the last three States I've lived in ( CO, NV & AZ ), will deny workmans comp and a settlement if you were determined to be on any illegal drug when you were injured.

If you are drawing workmans comp and working at your job part Tim and workmans comp pays you the difference and you get sick and are out of work a few days will workmans comp still pay you the differ?

As each state's criteria for eligibility and amount of workman's comp payable differs, you need to contact your state's office for clarification.

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