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I suspect you mean GFIC breaker. The dryer will not cause the breaker to fail.

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Q: If you install a 30A 240V GFI breaker will this be ok or will the cycles the dryer has prematurely fail the breaker?
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What would happen if a 240V breaker was on and someone attempted to turn on the clothes dryer?

Don't understand this question. If the breaker is on, then the dryer would function normally, if the breaker your are referring to is the one for the dryer. If the breaker is off then no function. A dryer runs on 220.

What size breaker do you need for a dryer?

Usually a double pole 30 amp breaker for and electric dryer.

Can you convert a stove plug to a dryer plug?

Yes, you can. Don't forget to also convert the stove BREAKER to a dryer BREAKER (otherwise your dryer can someday fry well before the breaker trips).

Did my dryer trip the breaker or vice versa when I turned the breaker back on but now the dryer won't work?

The dryer tripped the breaker. Have it repaired. Don't try to use it again. You could cause a fire.

How do you install and wire a dryer outlet if there is no room for a new 30 amp breaker?

If your breaker box will accept tandom breakers you can remove 4 single pole breakers add 2 tandoms this will empty 2 spaces for your 2 pole 30 amp for the dryer

Which circuit breaker used for an electric clothes dryer?

In North America the most common circuit breaker for a clothes dryer is a two pole 30 amp breaker.

Why does your main circuit breaker trip when your dryer runs 15 minutes Is it because your vent needs to be cleaned?

Could be but you could also have a weak breaker that will no longer hold the load of your dryer. That is if your talking about your dryer breaker tripping. If your "main breaker" is tripping you have a different problem. Call an electrician in that case. A plugged up dryer shouldn't be tripping your main

If you have a breaker that has a 120240v and your dryer has a 240v plug can you change the receptacle to a 240v?

if i have a breaker that has a 120/240v and my dryer has a 240v plug can i change the receptacle to a 240v

Is 50 amps to much power for a 30 amp dryer?

I'm guessing you have a 50 amp breaker in the panel that the dryer is connected to? The rating of the breaker is how much it can pull before it trips. Your 30 amp dryer should never draw enough to make it trip. Should the dryer have a dead short, it will still cause the breaker to trip. You can change out the breaker if you really want to, but there really isn't any reason to.+

Can you use a 20 amp circuit breaker for an electric dryer?

If you are referring to a cloths dryer, the answer depends on the requirements of the dryer. Most dryers require AWG#10 wire with a 30 amp fuse. If the wiring is AWG#12 then use a 20 amp breaker but never use it on AWG#10 which requires a 30 amp breaker. If you are referring to a hair dryer then yes a 20 amp breaker is fine.

Why does your dryer trip its breaker when the dryer gets hot?

If you're talking about an internal breaker, it's probably the high temperature sensor. If that's the case, your vent or some part of the dryer is probably blocked by dryer lint. If it's an external breaker, such as the circuit breaker in the house, it's an indication that the dryer is drawing more current as it gets hot; possibly a faulty motor or if it's an electric dryer the heating coil could be distorting under the heat (possibly a broken insulator) and it's touching the chassis causing a short to ground.

What size breaker to use for a hand dryer its 120v 20amps?

Single pole 20 amp breaker.

Can you hook up a two pole 20 amp breaker to a 30 amp outlet for a dryer?

Yes you can, but the dryer will probably trip the breaker when the dryer's heating element comes into the circuit.

What size breaker for an electric dryer?

Most dryers for clothes require a 30 amp 220 volt breaker.

You were changing the light bulb in your Kenmore dryer with the power on and hit the hot terminal on the dryer causing a spark the house breaker does not seem to be tripped. model?

It takes a finite amount of time to trip a breaker. The short you caused may not have tripped the breaker. If the dryer is no longer working there may be an internal reset that has tripped.

What causes the electric dryer breaker to kick?

The only reason the dryer breaker will trip is it senses an overload or a short circuit on the circuit. To test this unplug the dryer and see if the breaker will stay latched. If it does then the wiring to the receptacle is not at fault. If you want to delve further into the problem, leave the dryer unplugged and remove the inspection panel at the back of the dryer and check the connections. Sometimes the screw terminals become loose and corroded and cause the dryer to draw more current. To compensate for the higher resistance at the faulty terminals the dryer will try to draw more current that the breaker will allow. If everything looks good after trying both of these things it is time for a repairman to come in and look at the dryer itself, as the fault is probably an internal problem within the dryer body.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a dryer?

A two pole 30 amp breaker is used to connect a three conductor # 10 wire cable to supply voltage for a dryer.

How many amps run dryer 220 volts?

In North America the breaker feeding a clothes dryer is 30 amps.

Can you replace the 30A cord from a dryer with the 50A cord usually used for a range so it can be plugged into a range receptacle?

Yes, with a caveat. The 50A wire and plug is more than heavy enough for the dryer, so there is no problem there. The possible problem is that the dryer is designed to be protected by a 30A breaker. In the event of failure in the dryer, the breaker may not trip as it is oversized. The best solution? Get a small breaker box from a home center and mount a 30A breaker in it. Mount it on the back of the dryer, run the 50A cord into the feed lugs of the box, and connect the dryer feed to the 30A breaker. This way you can plug the dryer into the 50A outlet like you want, and the dryer is protected with a 30A breaker as usual. You can get small breaker boxes or fused disconnects without too much cost. Just make sure the breaker box / disconnect panel is rated to 50A, as you want to feed it off a 50A circuit. As long as the voltage requirement of the dryer matches the voltage of the outlet (which is presumably 240 volts), then yes. The amp rating of the cord and outlet is merely the maximun current (amps) allowed. You're well under that with 24 amps.

What is the minimum amps for a house to run a dryer?

30 amp breaker

What is involved in running a 240V dryer line if you have a regular 120V line now?

You will have to install a double pole breaker in the fuse panel and then run new wire (10/3) to the location of the dryer and install the proper plug. You will need a 4 prong plug; the older 3 wire plugs no longer meet code for new work.

How do i know if i have gas or electric dryer?

An electric dryer will have a plug on it that plugs into the wall. If you can not see a plug go to your electrical distribution panel and look for a two breaker that is marked dryer. Turn this breaker off and you should not be able to start your dryer. If it is a gas dryer you should be able to see a gas pipe going to it. If you have a basement, check for a pipe from down there, it may be fed to the dryer from underneath the floor to the unit

Where is the double 30 amp breaker in an electric dryer?

It should be in the main circuit panel. If the dryer was added at some point there may be a separate box just for the dryer either beside the main panel or at the dryer plug. It is not in the dryer itself.

Why does your dryer keep tripping the circuit breaker?

Either the circuit is too small to power the dryer or something else is drawing on the circuit that does not leave enough power to run dryer.

How high to install a dryer receptacle?

For convenience I install the receptacle just above the backboard of the dryer. This way if the dryer is to be moved out of its location it can be unplugged before the move is started. Sometimes the dryer is located in a confined space and it is hard to reach down to the floor level to unplug the dryer with out becoming an acrobat.