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look in the trunk there should be a switch on the left or right side panel some are cover looks like a toggle awith just press it back in.

There is no switch, as mentioned in the first comment. If anything, you tilted the car to a certain angle and the GM PassLock anti-theft device kicked in. I don't know for sure that the Vue has a tilt sensor, but many anti-theft devices can detect if the car is being towed off by sensing the angle of inclination. If you were on a hill and jacked one end of the car up such that the car passed a certain angle with horizontal, this could do it. Generally, you have to wait 30 minutes or 2 hours for the car to release this lock. READ YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL.

Another thing you can do, and i have had exsperiance with my other Saturn LW300 Station wagon who's BCM (Body Controle Module) was acting up and making the security system think someone was trying to steal it. Try disconnecting the negative battery cable and leaving it off for 3-5 min, then put it back on, this should reset the computer.

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Q: If you jacked up your 2003 Saturn Vue to rotate the tires and now it will not start what could be the problem?
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