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It will probably be two or three years before you are able to open up a checking account. Bankruptcy severely effects your credit.

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Q: If you just filed for bankruptcy and are on Chex systems and can not get an account how long do you need to wait before you can open a new checking account?
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Is it better to open a new checking account before or after filing for bankruptcy?

You may find it difficult to open a checking about after filing bankruptcy, so I suggest opening the account before you file.

Can you open a checking account before bankruptcy?

Sure. And after, too.

Can you use your checking account while in bankruptcy?

I am currently in Chapter 13 and I can use my checking account the same as I did before I filed.Just make sure you don't use your checking account to pay any debts that you didn't list in your bankruptcy.

Can you change a joint bank account with a parent before chapter 7 bankruptcy in ny state?

Yes you can change a joint bank account before a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You should have your finances in order before you file a bankruptcy.

How long will it be before you can open a checking account if you were denied a checking account not because of bankruptcy but because of outstanding debt?

There are banks that will help you regarless of your credit history. If you have been reported to chexsystems, your name remains on file for 5 years but there are also banks that do not use chexsystems

Can one open checking account after declaring bankrutcy and if so does it affect the status of the bankruptcy?

After declaring bankruptcy it is smart to wait six months before obtaining a new account. If a trustee finds that you have XXXX amount of dollars in bank B after closing an account at bank A it will look as if you tried to defraud the bankruptcy law. For chapter 7 wait until discharge for chapter 13 as long as you are making timely payments it doesn't matter.

What credit card can you get with no job or checking account?

None. Even secured cards require a specified balance in a checking account, before they are granted.

If you have a joint checking account with someone and their name showed up on Chex Systems for abuse of account can the banks close the account even though the abuse was before the account was set up?

yes they can. Many banks run random checks with chexsystems and they will close accounts if the account holder has a negative report

If a collection agency freezes your bank account and on the next day you file for bankruptcy can they still freeze your money?

A collection agency, or any party, can only freeze your bank account IF they have sued your first and won a judgment against you. If you file for bankruptcy, it will not immediately release the levy on the account. The court that rendered the judgment must be notified of the bankruptcy filing, as well as the judgment creditor. The account could remain frozen until the outcome of your bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy, and the judgment debt is discharged, then the bank account must be released. It is possible to release a levy before discharge, but it will usually require the bankruptcy attorney to do it.

Can you open a checking account in another state if the past one has an outstanding balance?

The other bank will likely have reported your activity to chex systems. I advise you pay off the old bank account before opening a new one. It is unlikely that you will be able to open a new account.

Can others deposit money in your checking account?

yes. my dad has done it before

Where can you open a new checking account in Arizona if your account was cancelled and reported to Chex Systems with no outstanding balance?

This should pose no particular problem, presuming your not trying to open an account using a check from the closed one! Any bank should be happy to open a new checking account for you, if you have an inital deposit (any bank will wait for your deposits to absolutely clear before letting you draw against them). Checking accounts are not really a credit can only legally write checks for money you have already deposited.

What is the best college checking account?

One of the best banks for college students is KeyBank. They offer student checking accounts for children ages 16 and up. It is a great way to start a checking account before a student gets to college.

Where can one go to open a checking account online?

One could go to the official Chase web site, or Bank Of America website to open a checking account online. It may be worthwhile for one to visit a branch and get all the information they need before opening a checking account to find which one is suitable.

Can anyone garnish a checking account in the state of Florida?

My husband had co-signed for a car for his daughter over 7 years ago before I even ment him and the car was reposesed for non payment. The loan company came after my husband and a judgment was filed against him. Although he did not have his own checking account, we have a joint account. (I put him on my account after we married). Unbenounced to me, they went into my checking account seized it and took every penny I had. So yes..this does happen. Be carefull about who you have a joint checking account with, because It happend to me!

You do not have a checking account or saving account and need a loan?

Before you get your loan amount the bank would ask you to open an account. Keeping track of a customer without an account is very difficult and banks would insist on you opening an account with them before they give you the loan amount

Does TCF have checking accounts?

TCF offers a range of options in its checking accounts including free checking and student checking accounts. Ultimately one would have to consult with a banking consultant before deciding which kind of checking account best suits their needs.

Are accounts after bankruptcy included in bankruptcy?

Any debt that you accumulate before your bankruptcy filing and have listed on your petition will be eliminated when you receive your discharge as long as your creditors do not file an injunction against you. After you receive your discharge you are welcome and able to open new credit accounts but any debt you accumulate will not be considered a part of the bankruptcy you filed before opening the account.

What is the difference between a interest bearing checking account and a NOW account?

An interest bearing account can be allowed withdraws immediately, like a regular checking account. A NOW account generally requires a seven day notice before money can be withdrawn. So they're similar, only one requires a notice to get money out of.

Does bankruptcy trustees check dmv title records before the 341 meeting?

In conducting their investigation, the Trustee will rely on a variety of sources, including, but not limited to: public records, DMV records, transfer of title records, as well as checking and savings account records.If the person knows or has reason to know the schedules are not accurately reflecting interests in assets, they have committed a bankruptcy crime.

Set up a Checking Account?

form_title=Set up a Checking Account form_header=Before you can buy a vehicle, you'll need to provide proof of financing. Do you have any other financial accounts?=_ How much money do you want to put into the account?=_ Do you have access to direct deposti?= () Yes () No

Are there fees associated with opening a business checking account at Bank of America?

There are fees associated with opening a business checking account at Bank of America if the account is closed before a set amount of time. Business accounts may qualify for 2 months of free transactions, but after that the fees will apply.

What two things must you do before you can deposit a check into your checking account?

Endorse, or sign, the check on the back. Put your account number on there and write For Deposit Only.

Do's and Dont's after bankruptcy discharge?

I have 3 credit cards since my Bk was discharged 18 months ago. Always pay before the due date. Have had a checking account for 18 months also, no overdrafts. My credit score is still only 650. Any advice?

Do you have to get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy?

You do not have to necessarily get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy.