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i have two speeding tickets, one for 64 on a 45, and doing "86" on a 55. First, the speeding ticket is gonig to be around 230, with traffic school. second insurance wont look at it, they dont care. My insurance broker, doesnt include it. so work ur way around it, if anything it might be like 20 bucks extra, upon time of renewal.

Wow! The first answer couldn't be more wrong unless the two know each other and have the same insurance company. There is no way to answer the question without knowing many more details than can be provided in this forum. I will tell you that many insurance companies don't check your MVR after you are insured with them unless you give them a reason to such as file a claim. If they don't ask you don't have to tell.

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Q: If you just got your license and a speeding ticket for 58 in a 45 how much will your insurance go up?
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Does speeding ticket from Ohio count against a license in Connecticut?

Yes it will. Ohio will report the ticket to CT and it will be treated just as if you received the ticket in CT

Will speeding ticket in Virginia affect North Carolina insurance rates?

The ticket will be reported to NC and treated just as if you received the ticket in NC as it applies to your insurance rates so the answer is yes.

Will the owner's auto insurance increase if his friend with an international drivers license gets a speeding ticket while driving the car but doesn't pay it in Minnesota?

Often out of state tickets will not show up on your license if you just pay them. Failing to pay a ticket brings it to the attention of the state, and it gets put into the state drivers license database. Once that happens, the insurance companies get a copy of it and it affects your insurance rates.

Will a sixteen year old get his or her license taken away just from a speeding ticket?

Not unless the speeding ticket was deemed wreckless driving. Most of the time, officers arrest speeders who go that fast.

Will the points be added to you driver's license if you get a speeding ticket out of state?

"Will the points be added to you driver's license if you get a speeding ticket out of state?" In general an out of state speeding ticket is treated just as if you received it in your home state. States belong to a Drivers License Compact where they share information and your state will suspend your license if you fail to pay a ticket in another state. This means that if you are out of state and receive a speeding ticket then you are not arrested and made to pay on the spot. With that said there are plenty of exceptions to the general rule. For example Maryland will post an out of state ticket to your record, there are no points but your insurance may go up. New Jersey charges two points for out of state tickets. North Carolina does not report minor speeding tickets to your home state. The only way to know for sure is to check with the DMV in the state where you received the ticket and also your home state DMV. Do not take the word of an officer since they do not know the laws in your state. In general you should contest any speeding ticket since reductions are the norm and any ticket can drastically increase your insurance premiums.

Can I get a Speeding ticket with a rental car?

Yes, you can get a ticket. And just like if you were driving your own car, you can risk having points on your record and an increase in insurance.

If you get a speeding ticket in Texas do they report it to other states?

No. In fact I just got a 180$ speeding ticket in Texas and they didn't even check my insurance because it was an out of state vehicle. However, if they ran your insurance when you got pulled over (out of state vehicles sometimes they dont) then it will be reported to your insurance.

Can a simple possession ticket raise your car insurance?

Wow Dude. Just like a simple speeding ticket, a simple dui, and simple open container ticket, or just about any other ticket or accident. It also will most likely get your insurance cancelled with most preferred insurance companies in the country. Sorry.

Will a risk of an accident ticket affect DMV or insurance records?

No: this type of ticket involves no points on your license, its just a fine.

Can you renew your license in TX if you just received a speeding ticket and it is unpaid?

If your court date has not passed yet, or the ticket has not yet been reported to the Motor Vehicle Office as unpaid, then yes you can renew your license.

You just got a speeding ticket in TX but you still have MD drivers license If you change your drivers license tomorrow before the ticket gets on the record do you still have to pay for it?

Of course you will still have to pay for it. And the ticket is probably already in the system and will appear when you go for the new license.

Your dad just got a speeding ticket and the officer put the incorrect insurance company under Evidence of Financial Responsibility is this justification for the ticket to be invalid and dropped?


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