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yes you could be pregnant. get a pregnancy test to be sure.

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Q: If you just had a breastfed baby 4 months ago and your periods came back when he was two months and now I havent gotten my period could I be pregnant or did my periods delay because of breastfeeding?
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Can you miss periods because of breast feeding?

Yep. I breastfed my son for a year, got pregnant, breastfed my daughter for two years, and never had a period til after that.

Do you have a period when youre breastfeeding?

I solely breastfed both my children until they were 20 months old, and after both births I started getting periods 6 weeks after I had them

Can you still get periods when you are breast feeding?

Yes, you can and you can still get pregnant. I've been breastfeeding exclusively for 10 months now and have not had a period. If you are breastfeeding and supplementing with formula or pumping you can get a period easier rather than just breastfeeding alone.

Can you get periods while breastfeeding and not ovulate?

Sometimes breastfeeding will suppress menstruation and ovulation, sometimes it doesn't. Breastfeeding is not a reliable form of contraception.

Do long periods mean your pregnant?

No. If you are having periods, you are not pregnant.

Your son is 15 months you breastfeed himhave not got your periods after his birth?

Generally while woman are breastfeeding they do not have periods.

Why do I have hard painful nipples with no regular periods?

because you are pregnant dummy

How do you calculate a due date if your periods have not yet returned due to breastfeeding from a previous birth?

I just found out that I'm pregnant and haven't had a period due to birth control and breastfeeding my first child. So, I'm in the same boat. I'm not sure when i conceived or my due date because I don't have a last period to go by. Any answers?

Can you get pregnant with the contraceptive implant and still have periods?

can you get pregnant when your on the implant and still have periods

Will you get your periods when you are pregnant?


Can you get your period while the egg is being fertilized?

no because if the egg is then fertilised, then you will become pregnant, and you do not have periods while you are pregnant.

Do you still have periods when your pregnant?

No, when your pregnant your periods stop completely. Then return after the birth. This is because your egg is being used and isn't going to be flushed away, meaning no blood can be released.

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