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dont be shy and ask him if he likes you?

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What does that mean if the guy I like doesn't want me to know he likes me?

It depends if this guy knows that you like him. If he doesnt know then he likes you and he just doesnt want u to know that he likes u just to be safe!

You want to kiss a girl that likes you and that you like but you dont know if she would like it or if would be weird should you do it or not?

if you like her, do it. it'll take a while for you to do something that you're not comfortable with, but everybody likes a kiss.

What are your likes and dislikes on tennis?

who are you talking to? why would you ask something like that? you need to plan out you questions but i like tennis if you want to know

What does it mean when a girl tells you if you like a girl you should tell her?

girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them

How do you know if the guy you like likes your friend?

you will know that he likes your friend because he will always bring her up and he will want to be around her.

How do you know how many boys like you?

you can't if you want to know who likes you then just ask!

What do you do if you know someone you like likes you back?

Just be good friends (Girlfriend-boyfrind if you want) It is that simple. if he/she likes you but he/she doesn't know you like him/her. Just tell him/her.

How do you get guy i like and he like me?

Basically , Be yourself and before you want him to like get to know him(his likes/interests)

How do you ask a guy that you dumped back out when he likes you and you like him but you want him to ask you out?

If you know he likes you, but you want him to ask you out, you should wait. If you like him that ALOT, ask him out! There's no stoppin love, baby! If you know he likes you, but you want him to ask you out, you should wait. If you like him that ALOT, ask him out! There's no stoppin love, baby!

What does it mean if a guy stares at you but said he doesn't want to get to know you?

He does want to get to know you he's just hiding it he like likes you.

What do guys want a girl to know but won't tell them?

They want them to know you like them of course! If a guy trys to get as close to you as he can then he really likes you.

When a guy waves at you does that mean he likes you?

he may be like you,or he just want to be friends with you.....or he want to know more about you

How do you know if a guys likes you but you feel like he is just acting?

It's always best to be straightforward in a relationship. If you want to know if a guy likes you, ask him.

How do you know if your guy friend who you're in love with really likes you back?

I think the general rule is that if you have to ask the question, "does he/she like me" the answer is probably "not the way I want them to". You would know if they did.

What does it meanhen a guy says he likes you a lot but doesn't want anyone to know because he is afraid that his friends would tease him?

2 ways: 1- He likes you, but he is embarrassed or afraid to tell his friends because they never would of thought that he would like a person like you. 2- He doesn't like you.

How do you know if the guy you like doesn't want you to know he likes you?

He will have trouble looking you in the eye, and trouble talking to you.

What do you say to a guy that likes you but he doesnt want you to know?

well just talk to him like you would normally talk to any person. I mean you don't want to be somebody else right? cause he likes you for who YOU are. Just pretend that you don't know he likes you and don't give him any hints that you know even though its kind of hard to do. good luck

Why would a shy girl who likes you look at you with a disgusted face?

maybe she doesn't want you to know that she likes you OR you did something disgusting

What if you like a boy and you know he likes you but he always plays with other girls even though you know he still likes you?

you know a boy likes you but he was flirting with anther gril because he want to make you jealous and make you think that he does not like you.do you know what you could do to make him tell you the truth you go ask if he likes you or not

How do you know if your boyfriend likes your kiss?

If your boyfriend likes your kiss he would want to kiss you again later or more. If he does not like your kiss, he will probably try to avoid kissing you so much or at all.

Would a guy want to know if a girl likes him?

Well, it depends on the guy. Most guys would.

How do you tell if a teen girl you like likes you or is just your friend?

just ask her if she likes you, say that someone told you that she did and you want to know if she does or not. if you dont want to say that then tell her you like her. hope i helped :)

Does spyro like cynder?

ya he does!Spyro likes cynder but doesn't want her to know

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