If you live in Florida but work in Illinois can you avoid paying Illinois state income taxes?

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No because Illinois will want some state income taxes paid on the income that was earned in Illinois.
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What percent of taxes are taken out of your pay check in Illinois?

Answer . First, many things that are taken out aren't really taxes and vary from employer to employer. The amount that is taken out varies from person to person, depending on their own personal tax situation, sources of income, deductions and dependents, etc.. There are several different prescr ( Full Answer )

If you live in a state that doesn't have state income tax and work in a state that does are you obligated by law to pay state taxes in that state?

Generally speaking, you owe income tax in both the state where you work and the state where you live. Since the state where you live does not have an income tax, you would owe tax in the state where you work only. You would file a non-resident return in the state where you work. Sometimes individ ( Full Answer )

Who has to file income taxes in Illinois?

Anyone with any income, or even without an income can file. You are required to file Federal taxes if you made more than $1,800. Illinois requires anyone that earns or receives income in the state to file state taxes.

If I work in Georgia and live in Florida do I pay Georgia state tax?

I am not positive about this answer, but It depends on what you buy, I guess, and you will pay Florida taxes for home, etc. I THINK!!!!!! I AM NOT 100% SURE NO, it has nothing to do with what you BUY. It has to do with payroll law! Reciprocity falls on where you work. If you work in Georgi ( Full Answer )

Do you pay tax on labor in Illinois?

There is currently no state tax on labor in Illinois. But beware legislation being introduced to help make up for the deficit spending currently occurring. The failed gross receipts tax is one example of what they were trying to pass. Check with your local city and county government to see if there ( Full Answer )

What percentage income tax do you have to pay in Florida?

There is no Florida state income tax. The federal income tax rate is the same as anywhere else in the US: nominally 0% to 35%, but the effective rates could be higher because of various phase-ins and phase-outs.

How does an Illinois business pay the income tax for its Indiana employees?

Indiana does not have a reciprocal tax agreement with Illinois. If these employees are working in Illinois, they are not exempt from Illinois income tax or Illinois withholding. You must withhold Illinois tax from them just the same as you would from an Illinois resident. If you have have employe ( Full Answer )

Why would you pay income taxes to the state your are not actively working in?

This occurs in many circumstances:. First - you live but don't work there. (You pay taxes both where you live and where it may have been made).. Second - your not actively working there, but did. Even for very short periods. Some States even inforce attending trade conventions there for only a few ( Full Answer )

Where do you pay your state tax where you live or where you work?

Both. The tax is due where it is earned first...so each State you worked in...and then to you State of residence, who gives you credit, (several different methods used), for tax you paid elsewhere. Income like interest and investments should be taxed by your state of residence.

Is there sales tax on clothing in the state of Illinois?

The State of Illinois does not have a sales tax exemption for clothing, which includes footware. The State of Illinois only has a lower sales tax of about 2% on food and medicine. Cola, candy, ice teas, and fruit drinks are NOT considered to be food. However, candy that has flour in it, like Butter ( Full Answer )

If you live in cook county Illinois but shop in lake county Illinois which tax do you pay?

If you shop in Lake County, you pay Lake County taxes . That's what most people do in Cook County who live near Lake County to avoid the exorbitant sales tax in Cook County. That is unless you buy a motor vehicle. In that case, no matter where you buy, you pay the tax based on the place the vehicle ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay income taxes on the child support you receive in Illinois?

You do not have to pay taxes on child support, it is not money you earned, it is money that is court ordered, though in cases where a woman targets specific men of high income to get pregnant by, multiple times, perhaps it should be. An example is a woman who conceives a different child to a differ ( Full Answer )

When living in a state with no income taxes but receiving a pension from another state that has a income tax do you pay tax?

In general, a state will tax you on: . Income received while a resident of that state, regardless of where it came from, and . Income earned from that state , regardless of whether or not you are a resident. So, if you live in one state but earn income from another, you will generally be tax ( Full Answer )

In Illinois do you have to pay sales tax at the dealer for a used car?

If you live and register the car in Illinois then you will pay the Illinois car dealer for the sales tax. If you live in a different state than where you bought the car the dealer might collect the sales tax if the two states have a cooperative agreement. If the states do not have an agreement yo ( Full Answer )

If your parents live with you and pay you to live there do you have to pay taxes on that income?

The answer to your question is Maybe. There are other questions involved. Who feeds them? How much of what they pay goes for food? Are you taking a deduction on the part of your house you are renting to them? Sorry, I can't answer the question with the information at hand. * Added - If there is an ( Full Answer )

Who pay income tax in state of ca?

Click on the below link for more information . Individual Filing Requirements . Additional Information for Decedents . Requirements for Children with Investment Income . Other situations when you must file

Can you get an extension for your Illinois state taxes?

You should be able to get the extension form if one is necessary from the Illinois state tax department web site. You may even be able to fill the form out and efile the form online after you have completed the extension form correctly.

What is the Illinois state rate you pay on taxes?

For 2009 Illinois has a Personal state income tax flat rate range of 3 % of federal adjusted gross income The above information comes from the RETIREMENTLIVING com website

What happens if you do not pay state income tax?

Your state taxing agency will likely file a Tax Warrant for the amount of tax you owe with the County Clerks office in the county that you reside. This TW will affect your credit score in a severe negative manner. Keep in mind that the Failure To Pay Penalty will continue to accrue on the amount ( Full Answer )

Where do you send your Illinois State tax return?

Prepare your taxes using tax preparation software online. By using the software you can easily pay taxes. For example i purchased turbotax using coupons. and i prepared and paid taxes quickly and got refund too.

Do you pay Illinois taxes if you bought a car in Georgia if I live in Illinois?

In most states you have to pay "use tax" on an out of state purchase brought into the state for use. The DMV will probably impose this tax (maybe with penalties) unless you pay it upon bringing the car into Illinois. I would recommend that you pay it not to avoid that (assuming this is not a hypothe ( Full Answer )

Why does Florida does not pay state tax?

All levels of government have their own type of funding to pay their expenses. The federal government uses mostly income and excise taxes. City and county governments mostly use property taxes. Some cities use a sales taxes in addition to property taxes. States vary. Some states, like Oregon, use ( Full Answer )