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If you live with your mother and this weekend is your fathers weekend and you are fourteen years old can you choose if you want to go over there or not in South Carolina?


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November 26, 2008 6:32AM

Usually visitation issues have been worked out in the divorce process, during which any difficulties with a visitation schedule are decided upon by a judge as to when and how many times per week/month, etc. parents see their children. A father and mother have the right to visit with their children and there is no court in the land that will bar that from happening, even if the visitation has to be supervised. I would advise that you should speak with your Mom about this. Be honest with her about your reasons and motives and hopefully the situation can be worked out in some way so that all are happy. I know you said you're 14, and I might be wrong but I don't believe that your age has anything to do with the matter from a legal standpoint, but of course in So. Carolina the law might be different as to 14 year olds. .