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If you loan your car to someone with a suspended license and they have an accident in your car would anything be covered?


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No, if their license was suspended they should not be driving, if they are involved in an accident and are At Fault the other person can go after you since it is your car and then you are liable.

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It does not matter to an insurance company that the other driver had a suspended license. Liability is determined by the factors of the accident and the evidence put forth. The fact that the other driver had no license does not affect liability or the handling of the claim.

if you add them AFTER they have an accident, they will not be covered for anything that happened during, or as a result of, the accident

Maybe, but you are really pressing your luck. Don't drive without a vailid driver's license, it's against the law! No, chances are that you are not covered. It just adds to the headache anyway!

Not in Canada. If your license is suspended, then any insurance claim that resulted from you driving while suspended would not be covered. If the car was damaged and it was parked and not being operated, then that is covered. But not if you are driving it.

No. A suspended license means you can't drive anything, period.

Yes. The fact that your license is suspended is NOT considered a contributing circumstance to an accident.

If the driver with the suspended license caused the accident then he/she is responsible.

Probably not. I am certain that somewhere in your policy there's a clause stating that you can not drive while your license is suspended.

A person 's driver license will automatically be suspended if convicted of?

No, you would not be covered if you do not have a valid license. The insurance company would be able to back out of any agreement, as you have violated it.

They will probably try to deny coverage on your claim. Did you inform them that your license was suspended? Probably not, I imagine.

If you are covered by an "Active" auto insurance policy then you will be covered, whether or not you have an active drivers license.

If you're found to be at fault for a fatality accident, not only are you losing your license, but you're going to prison, as well.

What are you asking? Have you had a motor accident? Did the other driver have a suspended licence?

You mean you were driving while your license was suspended. You disregarded the punishment the judge gave you for whatever laws you broke previously. Driving on a suspended license is again breaking a law. You might get your license revoked permanently.

If your license was suspended, and you were driving, it is quite likely that you insuror will NOT pay for the damages, and will cancel your coverage, because you were knowingly operating the vehicle unlawfully.

if you have a suspended driver's license you can't operate anything with a motor so in that case go ride your bike

Actually, they are at fault, or so it's presumed - if their license is suspended, they shouldn't have been driving, hence, they should not have been there to have been involved in an accident. On top of that, they've voided their insurance policy by driving on a suspended license, so the expenses will likely end up coming out of pocket.

You need to read your policy carefully and talk with your agent. A permitted driver is usually covered. However, if the driver lives with you and you don't have them listed, they are not covered. If they are a regular driver and are not listed, they are not covered. If they have a suspended or revoked license, or if they have no license, you are not covered. It is best not to allow others to drive your car under any circumstances. If they have an accident, it is on your insurance, and the company will add them to your policy even if they cover them.

you will get a ticket and probably get your license suspended for longer and insurance will probably not cover the accident b/c you were driving with a suspended license but of course this is just one scenario

No - a suspended licence prohibits you from dirving ANY vehicle you would normally be covered to drive.

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